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Zubees at KurtHilliard.com

Claim fun, free Zubee Zone bonus coins here at KurtHilliard.com everyday!  If you’re already a keen collector, be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to my blog for all the latest updates regarding Zubee coin locations, bonus giveaways, and of course tips & tricks for building your affiliate blogging business – then scroll down this page to grab your coins.  For the new folks, browse this page to learn more about joining in the game & how to get rewarded.

It’s easy, free, and fun!

What are Zubees?

This unique “reward currency” is the brainchild of John Bell, owner of Conquest Marketing and numerous unique advertising sites in the IM niche.  By creating a free ZubeeZone account and collecting Zubee “coins” at participating sites, ZubeeZone “collectors” can exchange their Zubees for free advertising, account add-ons (in pursuit of bragging rights), or even upgrades at participating sites.  Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other collectors while promoting your blog, brand, and affiliate efforts.

To get started right away, simply create a free ZubeeZone account, then come back to this page.

How to collect coins at KurtHilliard.com?

Each day you can collect all three coins (Silver, Gold, Diamond) by simply visiting the appropriate pages on my blog.  Sometimes the coins are hidden behind clickable boxes, or other creative methods.  I try to make them fairly obvious, while still challenging you to do more than just fly through the page on your way to Zubee greatness!

Where to find the coins…

Locations change often – here’s a few tips to help keep your collecting fast & fun!

Silver Coin

The silver coin is usually found on this page – bookmark it for easy reference!

Coins hide in clickable boxes like this.

Coins hide in clickable boxes like this.

Gold Coin

The gold coin is found in my recent posts – usually about two posts back.

Sometimes I’ll add a link like this one to make it easy to find.

Browse around to find your gold coin everyday!

Diamond Coin

The diamond coin is also found in recent posts – often the latest & greatest content I’ve added.

Like the gold, I’ll sometimes link right here and make the diamond coin easy to find.

Check out my latest post(s) for your daily Diamond Zubee coin!

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to be of help.

Don’t forget to grab all of my other freebies from my Bonuses page.

I told you it was easy – and fun, right? 🙂