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Zubees Indeed

If you are familiar at all with traffic exchanges and viral mailers, then the word “Zubee” likely means something to you already.  Coined (pun intended) by John Bell, this very popular rewards network has caught on big-time over the course of 2015, and with a new year around the corner, it seemed a perfect time to add this cool bonus for my readers.  Simply put, zubees form a pseudo-currency that – when collected – can be exchanged for dynamic advertising or even cash.

If you’ve not joined ZubeeZone, follow my link here and register.  It’s free.

Once you’re all signed up as a Zubee collector, cruise over to my Bonus page and look for the Silver coin.  Just a simple extra goodness from me to you, and one that can be claimed each day.

Awesome, right?

It gets better, no doubt!  Simply subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know how to score those more valuable Gold and Diamond coins.  I don’t bite, and neither does my newsletter – and subscribing is definitely the easiest way to be in the loop.  So subscribe already. 🙂

(if you’re on the list already – well played!)

More on those zubees soon…



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