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Who Won the ShoeMoney Contest?

ED May 2016: the Shoemoney affiliate program is no longer linked.  Read more about the change here.

The big ShoeMoney.net BlogNinja referral contest wrapped up at the end of November, and I’m sure thousands of folks are eagerly awaiting the results!  If my own referral numbers are any indication, a ridiculous number of people joined the network over the last few weeks.  Not to mention, I’ve just started seeing SMN around advertising sites like Traffic Swirl in the last few days…seems the word definitely got out!

So, the winners are…

I don’t know either – yet.

I’ll keep you posted for sure – however keep in mind you can still earn $1 every time your referrals earn $1 instantly to Paypal.  The BlogNinja training is free, and well worth the time for anyone that is not yet making a profit from blogging.  Step-by-step videos are included, and the first level of your “ninja belt” only takes a couple of minutes.

Start your free training today, and check back soon for the contest winners!

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