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What’s Your Plus 1 Today?

If you’re a blogger in today’s affiliate world, then you already know what I’m about to lay down…

Content creation can be tough.

Turning your great idea, awesome recipe, or helpful tips into a post people actually want to read can be daunting.  Easy it is to envision your beautiful blog with passionate content, but the hurdle of actually getting the posts written can sometimes seem like climbing a mountain (ok, I’ve never climbed a mountain, but you get the point!).

This morning I’ve been browsing the some of the notable blogs in “traffic exchange land” while having my coffee, and found a couple of great posts by Patrick Griffin and Tom Wacker.  Both articles speak to the importance of crafting a plan, sticking to it, and more importantly – getting something done on your list everyday.  The “+1 mentality” is a huge buzzword in our industry right now (thanks to Jon Olson and his Plus 1 Success ebook), and I for one think that is pretty awesome.  I’m pretty stoked to see more and more surfers focusing on building a branded business, and Jon’s (um, never-ending) message of +1 is starting to stick!

This post is my +1 for today – what’s your +1 going to be?

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