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What’s Going On Around Here?

The month of “Rocktober” is underway here in Seattle, and with it one of the most exciting months to work the hospitality industry downtown.  Big acts, small wonders, and all sorts of shows in-between make this one of the most interesting cities in my book!  However, just because I’ve been rocking and rolling offline, it doesn’t mean I haven’t kept my eye on the IM scene over the last few weeks.  The recent Paypal drama seems to finally be settling down, and a few websites from notable owners have popped up into the “shiny new object” scene…

Here’s a few things on my IM radar lately:

  • Brian Zens (hero support for ListJoe, et al) launched Mailsy as his foray into the listbuilder market.  I’m stoked to see the time put into unique design, simplified use, and the presence of “plain language” to explain the site inside to members.  Mailsy is light on marketing rubbish, big on efficient email advertising, I’m a big fan already!
  • John Bell made a great choice to remove cash-paying PTC ads from his Traffic Swirl flagship, well ahead of any unnecessary critiques by Paypal.  If you’re an IM’er (and perhaps been offline a bit), a whole lot of folks have run into Paypal troubles lately – so it’s great to see leading owners tightening down the details of their respective business to protect a profitable future.
  • Darren Olander just released the newest monthly promo code for Adchiever and his other top-notch advertising services.  Be sure to check out my Bonus page for details!
  • Eric Goettman took a huuuuge hit with the loss of Paypal for his sites (TopHits4U, PTC Professor, numerous others).  I haven’t sleuthed yet how this has impacted his CSN partnership with the Legacy team, so I’ll have to share more once I do.  Kind of a surprise to see how this one is playing out, no doubt.


  • Marty Petrizza opened Mail-Hog with the “Powermailer” feature to allow automated mailing at all 10 (or so) of her advertising websites.  I’ve just joined and bought a 1-month upgrade to check it out, I’ll post about some mailing results as soon as they come in (along with new subscribers, of course!).

That’s what’s on my radar as I get back to blogging…

What’s on yours?

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  1. Hi Kurt, I can’t wait to read your follow ups on some of the programs

  2. Hey Kurt, Thanks for the kind words about mailsy. I tried to make sure that the google translate widget actually helped non-English speaking members use the site. Glad to hear I may have succeeded 🙂 and a “big ten” four on the Paypal “belt tightening” another reason mailsy’s focused is on well.. email

  3. Hi Kurt glad you and your wife had a great summer. Been hot here and a good one all the time in the central area of Ontario Canada. We do however share your rain lol.FIVE DAYS in a row?

    I have a new blog out and three of the most current entries have to do with PayPal, owners in trouble and a ton of resources that could help many owners. I added it in the comment details area for you to check out

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