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Welcome MonetizedBlog.com to the Family!

I’ve been busy, no doubt!  In addition to my (occasional) offline duties as a bartender here in Seattle, I’ve also been burning some midnight oil on my blogs.  Yep, that’s blogs, plural.  MonetizedBlog.com has been added to my “family” of websites.  Hold your applause, though – it’s up and running, but certainly not finished yet!

You’ll notice the Monetized Blog has a lot of discussion about the ShoeMoney Network and associated training program.  That’s totally intentional.  Truth be told, my new blog started as a side project the other night after I ran into Jeremy Schoemaker’s ad on Clixsense for the umpteenth time.  I did some Googling, browsed his blog (read about his ad results on Clixsense, coincidentally), figured out pretty quick that he’s legit, then headed back over to ShoeMoney.net to see what his “$1 in 5 minutes” offer was all about.

Blogging and list-building, as it turns out.  Plus some website monetization to boot.

So anyways, long story short, I jumped in and leveled my way up through the various tasks and courses.  End result?  Black Belt status, about $10 in my Paypal, and a new blog project with a different focus than this one.  Monetized Blog will be primarily a demonstration of the “ninja tactics” explored in the ShoeMoney.net training, along with a growing wealth of content on website monetization, affiliate funnels, list-building and the like.

If you’re interested in ShoeMoney.net and want the scoop, read my earlier post now.

Thanks again for reading this blog, I hope you’ll find room in your favorites for MonetizedBlog.com as well!

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