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Safelists & Mailers

Leading safelists and mailers are can be effective ways to gain blog subscribers, social followers, or for promoting affiliate programs online.  Over 100 mailing lists are covered in this section, including Tier 1 mailing sites that should be considered first for joining.  Join a handful of select mailers today, and remember to read my Affiliate Disclosure along the way!

The Big List of Safelists & Mailers

I’m happy to offer you my list of 100+ mailers – simply click the box below.

Click here to view 100+ mailers

Click here to view 100+ mailers

Whoa! That’s a lot of mailers…

You betcha it is.  Below you’ll find some of the most active & responsive email advertising communities sorted by style and priority in my campaigns.

  • Custom/LFMVM/Classic:  general groupings based on program scripts and format
  • Tier: indicates importance to my traffic funnel (1 is best)
  • Mailers & Links: A-Z list of linked mailers (my referral links)
  • Related: personalities and/or companies associated with each site
  • ++++ signs indicate a linked profile for that related personality or company (click ’em!)

Overwhelmed by the options?

Click column headers to sort – entries marked Tier 1 are top picks!

  • Custom 
  • LFMVM 
  • Classics & More
TierMailers & LinksRelated
3100 Percent MailerMatthew Graves
1AdchieverDarren Olander +
1Build My DownlinesDarren Olander +
3Business World ListMultiple Stream Media
1BweebleJon Nastor
Bill Maloney
AdLabs, Inc.
1Downline MaxxDarren Olander +
Troy Wray
2Easy Peasy MailerMarty Petrizza +
2Got Safelist
2Guaranteed MailsMarty Petrizza +
1Guaranteed Solo MailsMarty Petrizza +
3Hot List MailerMatthew Graves
3Hot Spot MailerMaryanne Myers
3Legends MailerMatthew Graves
1List AdventureJon Nastor
Bill Maloney
AdLabs, Inc.
1List AvailBarry Langdon +
1List BonusJon Nastor
Bill Maloney
AdLabs, Inc.
2List BurstBarry Langdon +
1List ImpactKenny Kolijn
Sammy Kolijn
1List JoeJon Nastor
Bill Maloney
AdLabs, Inc.
1List JumperDarren Olander +
2List NerdsTimTech
1List SurfingDarren Olander +
3List VoltaHerculist
3Power List Marketing
3Social Message ConnectMatthew Graves
1State of the Art MailerBrad Webb
Paul Coonan
3Supercharged Solo AdsMatthew Graves
3Top Tier MailerMatthew Graves
1Traffic BonusJon Nastor
Bill Maloney
AdLabs, Inc.
2Traffic Zip
2Viral List Builder PlusConquest Marketing
John Bell
2Viral Mail ProfitsKRM
Paul Kinder
1Viral NuggetDarren Olander +
Banner here
TierMailers & LinksRelated
550 Miles MailerScott Rogers
1Ad TroopersCarol Walczak
Bo Tipton
2Ant MailerMarcin Palicki
2Bakery MailerDan Moses +
2Boxes of TrafficDoug Ravish
2Daily Mail Blaster*Steve Ayling
1Conversion MailLand Marketing
5Daily Credit Mailer
5Dr. SafelistSteve Taurman
3Equus SafelistMM Network
2EmailXProfitsSean Supplee
Scott Douglas
2Fast Cash MailerSean Supplee
1Fast List MailerKenny Kolijn
Sammy Kolijn
2Free Ads Mailer
2Genie MailerJanet Legere
5High IQ MailerKlaus Biesel
3Instant Viral MailerGnana Prakash
2Land Marketing MailerLand Marketing
3Lazer HitsMarty Petrizza +
2Legacy MailzLegacy Team
5Lifetime MailerRonnie Swift
4List Builder MayhemLand Marketing
3List GrabStephane Tourigny
2List PunkRyan Hogan
1List UnlockedKenny Kolijn
Sammy Kolijn
5List VaporMaggie Eslinger
5Loot MailsJohn Beyer
4Lucid List ViralEric Holzwarth
5Lucky 7 MailerJames Kosloske
1Mail Our ListSteve Ayling +
5Mails from the CryptSteve Taurman
5Mailz Go ViralLynda McArthur
4Master List MailerSteve Taurman
1Max Mailer ProTroy Wray
3Mountain High MailerDiane Mumm
3Northern MailerGarry Smith
2Puffin MailerDan Moses +
1Rodeo MailerMike Wysong
5Royal MailzLand Marketing
2Run Wild MailerEli Tachkov
1Safari MailerPaula Zuehlke
4Safelist BlazerMM Network
5Safelist KingGeorge Kosch
5Safelist MonsterSteve Taurman
4Safelist XLMM Network
5Show AdsInga Ozolina
1Soaring MailerRay White
3Special Delivery MailerShielda Wheaton
Lori Kauffman
3Tiger Solo Ads PlusDawn Orr
3Top Priority MailerPaul Bergeron
3Traffic Booster MailerMarty Petrizza +
3Traffic Leads 2 Income VMRob Gehring
4Viral Ad MagnetMarty Petrizza +
5Viral MailmanSteve Taurman
4Viral Network MailerTrevor McHaffie
3Viral Safelist MailerJolynn Moss
Cathy White
1Whitelist Email MarketingKlaus Biesel
3Wild Hog Mailer*Bruce Moses
5Worldwide MailerFederico Burgos
3Your Huge ListLand Marketing
4Zaney MailzNancy Radlinger
Fast List Mailer Email Advertising

Highly responsive LFM mailer! (from the Kolijn brothers)

List Impact Email Advertising
Be sure to check out these 3 top lists…

Exceptional! Adchiever (Darren Olander)

Take advantage of daily mailings plus activity rewards at this highly effective mailer! Thousands of members strong, with numerous bonuses that equal more free advertising for you. Top-ranked mailer!

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Unique! List Impact (from the Kolijn brothers)

After much success with Fast List Mailer and others, owners Sammy & Kenny Kolijn have hit a home run with their newest custom listbuilder! Complete with cash bonuses for active members!

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Social! Bweeble (from Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney)

Another top-notch project from a “dynamic duo” in the advertising industry!  Uniquely designed, this mailer boosts both your brand and your conversions, check it out!

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List Nerds Viral Mailer