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Top manual traffic exchanges can be highly effective for anyone blogging, building a list, or promoting affiliate programs online.  However – be sure to avoid the “trap” of endlessly surfing for pennies, prizes, or credits!  Savvy surfers focus on promoting a) a squeeze or other form of capture page, recommending traffic (and downline building) resources in the follow-up.  If you are brand new to the TE world, be sure to focus on the sites marked Tier 1 for best results.  Enjoy!

The Big List of Traffic Exchanges

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Click here to view 100+ exchanges

Click here to view 100+ exchanges

Wow! You surf a lot of traffic exchangess…

Actually, I don’t.  At many I have referrals that generate free traffic, and at others I primarily use banner advertising only.  The lists below are prioritized with relevance to my advertising, those in the 1st tier work best for me!

  • Custom/LFMTE/Other:  general groupings based on program scripts and format
  • Tier: indicates importance to my traffic funnel (1 is best)
  • TEs & Links: A-Z list of linked exchanges (my referral links)
  • Related: personalities and/or companies associated with each site
  • ++++ signs indicate a linked profile for that related personality or company (click ’em!)

Overwhelmed by the options?

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  • Custom 
  • Others
TierTE & LinksRelated
2Ad Master PlusConquest Marketing
John Bell
2Dragon SurfKRM/AKH
1Easy Hits 4U
3Fast Easy TrafficKRM/AKH
1Hit Link
1List SurfingDarren Olander
2Social Surf 4UBarry Langdon
Tim Linden
1Tezak Traffic PowerTony Tezak
1Traffic Ad BarDarren Merrett
2Traffic SplashKRM/AKH
Paul Kinder
2Traffic SwirlConquest Marketing
John Bell
1TrafficGPeter Kelly
3Web Biz InsiderMatthew Graves
1Webmaster QuestPeter Kelly
12-Traffic Exchanges-2013-07-08.csv
1Advertising Know HowAKH
2Big Beach HitsLand Marketing
3Biz Klix
3Booming Website TrafficLand Marketing
3Click Your Face OffSunny Suggs
2Conversion SurfLand Marketing
3Five HitsAKH
Josh Abbott
2Froggy HitsLand Marketing
Louise Deavin
Doug Forbes
2Hits 4 SurfersEddie Rosenblum
2Hits and List CafeSuzanne Howarth
2Hits ViralAKH
2Hot Flash HitsJolynn Moss
Cathy White
2Hot Website TrafficMarty Petrizza
2Steve Ayling
3Legacy HitsLegacy Team
3List Build SurfJohn Novak
3Lobby HitsEd Goettman
Eric Goettman
3Magical Journey TELori Kauffman
3Max Traffic Pro
3Ninja SurfLegacy Team
3Power Cash StreamEric Goettman
2GoBAD Marketing
Shane Bost
3GoLegacy Team
2Stephen King

Klara Schmidtz
3GoRobert Arnold
2GoRandy Ritter
3GoEric Goettman
3GoLand Marketing
Doug Forbes
2GoRandy Fountain
3GoSean Supplee
2GoMarty Petrizza
12-Traffic Exchanges-2013-07-08.csv
3Bella's Click ShackMonika Tuttle
Ron Fender
2Deep Sea HitsPaula Zuehlke
Doug Pare
3GoLaura Osborne
1Hit 2 HitFranscisca Kruissink
1Hit SafariPaula Zuehlke
1I Love HitsTimtech
Jon Olson
3Pro Click ExchangeRay White
1Real Hitz 4USean Supplee
2Soaring 4 TrafficRay White
3Traffic DynamiteMark Brown
2Traffic PunkRyan Hogan
1GoSean Supplee
Check out these 3 top exchanges…

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Fun & Games! Traffic Swirl (from John Bell)

Highly respected owner and developer John Bell continues to set a higher standard with his flagship exchange!  Packed with custom features, a dynamic marketplace, and more ways to advertise than can be listed here.  Highly recommended.

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Almost 100k Strong! Tezak Traffic Power (from Tony Tezak)

After 10 years as one of the most successful TE surfers ever, Tony Tezak opened his own exchange, and has since been crushing the market. Custom-built by the team from Kinder-Rash Marketing, and complete with numerous unique features.  Complete with unique “list” ads.

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Largest TE Online! EasyHits4U

Long the leader in traffic exchanges, the well-established EasyHits4U now boasts over a million members, and continues to deliver quality, geo-targeted website visitors daily.  Huge audience, bonuses for activity, and more!  6 levels of downline benefits.

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Webmaster Quest Traffic Exchange