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Top Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing

After the Paypal fiasco late last year, the affiliate traffic industry took a big hit – so I’ve put together a Spring 2017 refresher of top traffic exchanges still worth surfing.  Far from being havens of rookie webmasters, the following advertising outlets are each long-running, professionally managed, backed with robust resources, and packed with thousands of truly responsive members.  Of course, each provides me targeted traffic to my sales funnels and subscriber squeezepages, and can do the same for you with just a few clicks.  If you’re still surfing traffic exchanges, check out the list below to boost your reach – and your results!

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Five Top Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing in 2017

Click your way to affiliate glory with each of the top traffic exchanges below, or accelerate your experience by purchasing advertising and/or premium acocunt upgrades to reach more member more quickly.  As always, I highly recommend promoting yourself along with your blog, favorite affiliate website, or best promotional offer.  Enjoy!

All links below are my affiliate links; learn how using my links benefits us both here

  • LeadsLeap continues to impress me, including a Member Area redesign revealed recently.  The forced-view (for members earning credits) means my offers get real exposure, plus the Ad Widget reaches thousands of websites with little additional effort (see the Pro membership for full details).  Free or Pro, everyone can click to earn a share of daily revenue, and earn additional income from the activity of downline members.  Place the LeadsLeap Ad Widget ony our website for even more automated promotion!
  • InfinityTrafficBoost just settled in (7k+ members in just a few weeks), newly launched from owners Clinton Clark and Frank Bauer (a couple of cats that have been a round a minute).  Featuring traffic driven by Bitcoin earning, this unique model is perfect for anyone discussing, offering, or promoting bitcoin-related opportunities online.  The surf frame is basic and absent much branding for the advertiser – however you should be branding your funnel anyways, right?
  • EasyHits4U remains the industry leader fo audience reach and speed of traffic delivery – and they’ve recently transitioned to independent credit card processing, along with seamless Bitcoin payments to boot.  Geo-target any or all of your website advertising, and take advantage of banner advertising that continues to convert.  You’ll earn traffic from indirect referrals 5-6 levels deep, so this is one that any listbuilder can effectively turn into an autopilot advertising resource.
  • TrafficAdBar makes the list for its continued activity – even though I’m still not a huge fan of the surf experience.  The good news for you is that despite my opinion on style, the traffic converts – and it’s easy to earn your own credits.  Owner Darren Merrett keeps this exchange running smoothly – a great addition to your promotional punch.  Unique credit-earning widgets also available.
  • ListSurfing is still a mainstay in the market, being professionally maintained (and consistently promoted) by owner Darren Olander.  LS combines a branded-yet-traditional surf experience with a listbuilding mailer, so you get the combined benefits of both for your campaigns.  Best of all, if you surf just 50 pages or more periodically to remain active, your website campaigns will be promoted to all members for zero additional clicking (or cost).  Signup, surf 50, set & forget!

Of course there are a LOT of exchanges online, obviously not on this list – including sites from some of the most well-known owners in the business. Read on for a pair of additional traffic exchanges also worth adding to your rotation…

Free Daily Bitcoin - Infinity Traffic Boost

Honorable Mentions (but still pretty rad)

TezakTrafficPower is a favorite due in no small part to owner Tony Tezak’s “stand out” approach.  Over 100,000 members strong with active promotions daily.  Fun, rewarding, and always growing!

WebmasterQuest delivers well-paced, often-converting traffic on the regular for my campaigns.  As a surfer, frequent bonus pages make earning multiple types of ad credits easy.  Fast timer, quality site!

Do you have feedback about my recommendations above?

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