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TimTech Talks Blogging (Here We Go)

TimTech is “all about” blogging this past week, and for me, that is definitely an early holiday gift!  Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Justin Ledvina and the support team at TimTech are all on the record in the last few days with posts, Blabs, and email campaigns focused on blogging and the tools related to getting started, protecting your site, etc.  Not to mention, I just ran into Tim’s comment over on ShoeMoney’s blog, which kinda spurred me to this post (in an indirect way).  I’ll explain why this all adds up to a holiday gift for me in a second – let’s get you up to speed first.

Have you noticed these TimTech activities recently?

  • Tim announced UberBars as the first plugin from the TimTech team to be available for purchase (and for affiliate promotion – that’s my link).  A little research online and to me it looks like TimTech recently acquired the existing UberBar plugin on a corporate level, but don’t quote me on that.  Yep, I bought the plugin – you can see it in action on my other blog if you like.  The plugin isn’t awesome – yet – but it is uber easy to use.
  • Jon and Justin hosted a blab encouraging their subscribers to get blogging in 2016
  • The former TimTech Support Team (aka now Panda Profits owners) – Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffin, Bill Gorcsi, and Tom Wacker – sent an email to their new membership base about a recently launched WP plugin for security.  Hmmm.
  • Both Jon and Tim have been on the “all about blogging” kick on their respective blogs, including Jon’s recent post about his Formula for 2016.

Seeing the same theme I am, eh?

Worth noting: TimTech pushed both Landing Page Monkey and Commission Gorilla pretty hard during those launches – it’s my humble opinion that the “easier money” of promoting WP plugins got their wheels turning on the potential of turning their hundreds of thousands of subscribers towards blogging…

Also worth noting:  Jon and Tim (and the others, to a degree) have all been blogging for awhile, so give credit where credit is due.  I think it’s smart as can be for them to monetize that end of their business by recommending the tools of the trade to their subscribers.

So how does all of this add up to my holiday gift?

Simply put, the buzz and excitement they generate about blogging will spread the same excitement to their subscribers – most of whom are the same audience easily reachable (for me) via the traffic exchange and mailer markets.  In this case, the collective mentality of the traffic exchange affiliate market works in my favor.  It’s a fair bet that in the near future TimTech will release additional plugins or other WP resources, and that hundreds (if not thousands) of non-bloggers are going to jump into the WP game, based on the sense of urgency generated by the TimTech machine.  Smart for the affiliates, and likely very profitable for TimTech, too.

Also pretty awesome for me.

New bloggers need guidance, recommendations, demos, answers, and accolades when they get started (and will provide the same to others as they get experience).  That means an enormous market of users already versed in using traffic websites that will now be using, searching for, reading about, and buying blogging resources.  The term “positioning oneself as an authority in the niche” comes to mind…just a thought, eh. 😉

How will you capitalize on the heightened focus TimTech is putting on blogging?

Update Note: this post has been corrected to indicate “former support team” for the 4 individuals (Janelle, Patrick, Bill, Tom) mentioned in this post.

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