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Strawberries and Dynamic Value Propositions

I recently spent time with my beautiful wife Kristen picking strawberries in Puyallap, WA and for what may be only the 2nd time this year, I didn’t once stop to think about cost.  You see, normally I’m one of those “numbers guys”, always shopping, selecting, and purchasing various goods and services based on pretty strict scrutiny.  No matter if the purchase is big or small, I’m constantly evaluating the value proposition of anything I buy, and can be rather keen on making sure I “get what I pay for” and  that I haven’t missed an alternately more unique or more valuable option.  Not to mention, it’s also imperative that such goods and/or services deliver each and every time.

Wait – what’s a value proposition, you ask?

I’m no marketing expert, but in lay terms I’d say the value proposition is the “unique promise” of a product, or as Google would say:

Value Proposition

Or, in even simpler terms…

Why should a potential customer buy from you?

In my strawberry world, it seems I am suddenly a different customer between my normal “market-shopping self” and my “woohoo let’s pick berries ourselves” self.  At the market, my strawberries (and market) provide a “promise” of beautiful strawberries, naturally grown, and available at a reasonable price – and convenient, of course.  Familiar stuff, right?  However, when going to pick the berries on the farm, I become a different demographic.  As a customer (or potential buyer), I’m seeking out the uniqueness of the service first – and the value-per-pound-price, size, or other normally critical attributes go by the wayside.  That is, I didn’t really care if the strawberries were big and plump, or if I got a good deal on them in terms of cost.  Instead, I wanted to experience the unique means of doing it myself, even though the ends (strawberry smoothie consumption) was pretty much the same as when I visit the market.

(I know, is there a point to this, you ask?  Maybe.)

Indeed – the whole strawberry excursion put me into action reflecting on how I propose value to my readers and subscribers.  Plus, it got me thinking about how well I target my readers & subscribers when trying to turn them into customers.  Another way – If I’m giving away a promo code (the “strawberries”), how’s my timing?  Does my message coincide with what my audience wants to be doing right now (grabbing more advertising)?  Am I considering their (your) mindset, and not just what I want them (you) to do?

Food for thought I suppose.

I’ll chew on that after my strawberries. 🙂


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  1. Nice job / very well said / nicely done. Pick any of those, they’re the same “goods”, so to speak. Whatever, it took away my mind off Zubees for a few seconds, I was like ‘Good read. *pause*. Why am I here… oh yeah, right, Zubees.’ LOL

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