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Safelist Mailer Free Promo Codes Time

Free promo codes make the world of safelist mailers go ’round, so here’s another round of free advertising for your favorite blog or website!  No, a single promo code won’t fill your pockets with signups and sales, but for savvy affiliates, they can be a huge help.  For readers to whom the sites below are new, use these bonuses to get off to a great start promoting your site.  For the pros “doing the right thing” and maintaining a consistent, branded presence on top sites, these will keep your ads rolling.  By any measure, free advertising is free advertising – and these unique advertising communities each bring both quality and top-notch service to the table.

Got it – now give me some promo codes!

First, for Darren Olander’s industry-leading websites (click each to visit):

Use code 13AAHEX1 for free advertising at each site.  This code is good for anyone, and works for each of the email advertising sites above.  Menu items inside each program will guide you through the redemption process, and you have until February 5th to take advantage of the freebies.

Free, easy and even kinda cool, right?

If you need one more promo code…

Don’t forget you can always join my downline at List Impact and receive 1000 mailing credits from me right away.  Simply create your account via my link then redeem code DORMDOUGH1K for your extra advertising instantly.  If you signup before January 12th, I’ll add an extra 5k credits maually as well (code for my new referrals only – please give me 24hrs to send them over).  Click the banner to join.

List Impact Promo Codes

Of course, all of the sites above are free to join, and each gives you the opportunity to advertise your offer directly to other members using the in-house mailing options.  Often called safelists, mailers, or both, these sites above provide you instant access to tens of thousands of fellow online affiliates.


Be active, be unique, and get noticed.

Happy advertising!

PS – I’m an affiliate blogger, so those are my referral links up there.  When you signup and purchase premium options or ads, I earn some side money for sending you over.  Read my disclosure here.

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