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Reviewing My Traffic Profit Pro Setup

Today I’m reviewing my results generating referrals and commissions with Traffic Profit Pro so far, having joined about eight days ago.  If you’re not familiar, TPP is a traffic exchange training program from John Bell of Traffic Swirl fame.  A few weeks back I returned to the affiliate world after a couple years basically offline, and as part of the process decided I needed a downline builder to “chew on” while rebuilding this blog.  I’ve always known Conquest Marketing (John’s company) to produce attractive, effective websites, so I decided to give this one a go.

How are things going so far?

First let’s set the stage.  So far I’ve spent some dough on an upgraded membership, plus co-op advertising and a unique “signup reward” add-on for my affiliate pages (basically 1000 XP or 1000 Zubees, for those in the know on that).  So I’m in it to win it, as they say.  Not to mention an unspecified amount of dough setting up some ads around the incentivized traffic world.

So far?  27 referrals, zero sales.


That might be (probably is) on me…

Keep in mind I haven’t promoted it to my own list at all, simply a bit via familiar outlets.

Admittedly, I did not setup the Traffic Wave integration right away, so today I made that change, and synced the TPP promotional pages with the pre-published series of letters John provides with the upgraded membership.  Let’s not call it a scientific test, but I’m curious to see if the autoresponder inclusion increases conversions from verified referrals.  I’m not a huge fan of swipe emails, so I might give in and personalize them before my “testing goal” of a week has passed.  For now though, I’m going to roll with the funnel “as it should be” per the training articles inside Traffic Profit Pro.  Play it by the book, as it were.

I’m an affiliate for both Traffic Profit Pro and Traffic Wave, so if you choose to sign up for either, holler if you need help.  Once you generate your own results, please comment below!

Update:  so within an hour of setting up the TW integration, I have two new subscribers to that list (sweet!).  Atypical?  Probably, but a great sign.  No sales conversions yet – I’ll circle back on this next week and let you know how it goes!

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