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Really Simple System Makes Big Changes

ED May 2016: I have discontinued use of the RSS system described below (links removed)

Ryan Hartman’s ReallySimpleSystem (my RSS affiliate link) referral builder has seen major changes over the last couple of weeks, and has now morphed considerably since I first wrote about this high-energy website a month ago.  More programs have been added, and I applaud Ryan’s efforts to make the whole thing “continue to work for everyone” moving forward.  Unfortunately, part of those efforts included removing the 2-tier affiliate CPA payments.  For better or for worse, RSS definitely has a different affiliate structure compared to a month ago.  That said, I want to clarify for my readers the new instant payment structure (since I hyped the dual-tier affiliate commissions back on Dec. 5th).

Perhaps the “really simple” system has suddenly gotten complicated – or maybe it’s even easier…

I’ll let you decide.

First, let me recap briefly my history with the Really Simple System program.  I joined on December 5th, and blogged at the time about being intrigued mostly by a) the eye-catching “mask” video, and b) the 2-tier CPA offer for generating new signups to RSS.  At the beginning of Decmember 2015, Ryan was offering $.50 for every verified referral, and a subsequent $.50 for each of their referrals.  Awesome, right?  Yep, lasted just a minute though…ensuing changes included 2 progressive CPA bonuses for 1st-level referrals (and no 2nd-level CPA earnings).  Then a quick switch to Paypal.me for instant payments, then that wasn’t quite right.

Yeah, I know – all those changes in 30 days.

(Ugh, but I think the worst is over.)

Today the “Really Simple System” affiliate program uses PaySpree for instant payments, and requires new members to purchase a $1 Affiliate Upgrade from their sponsor to access the affiliate tools and landing pages.  It’s quite a switch from the (very) easy CPA earnings previously offered and paid, but offset by the “pass-up” nature of links entered into the system (ex: you enter link for Program A, your referral doesn’t…you get the signup if your referral’s referral joins).  This “pass-up” includes instant commissions from the $19 VIP upgrade…

In the end, this might get very interesting.

Everyone can still join and use the downline builder, even without the nominal $1 affiliate upgrade.  I’m curious to hear what other folks (outside of the RSS Facebook group) think about the Really Simple System overall, and about the recent changes owner Ryan Hartman has made.

Have you joined RSS and/or followed the recent changes?

Do you think this new RSS affiliate structure is a good thing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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