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Payday at Clixsense

Today I received another on-time Clixsense payment for my clicking and affiliate efforts – admittedly, it’s a lot more than pennies!  I’m not usually one to post “payment proofs” and such online, however this one was a little higher than the norm, and looks pretty good on my Clixsense splashpage that you’ll see rotating about.  Here’s the obligatory screenshot of my Paypal payment:

Clixsense Payment Proof November 2015

As you can see by the amount above, I didn’t earn that payment by just clicking the penny ads alone.  On the flip side, however, I’ll say that I didn’t put a whole lot of extra effort into it, either.  A few minutes a day, a bit of effort on the affiliate end, and an occasional survey.  Life-changing money?  No way, but month-changing for sure (goodbye cell phone bill!).  Not to mention I converted hundreds of dollars into advertising since my last payment.  Fancy math aside, here’s a few tips on how you can start stacking up some extra Clixsense cash:

  1. Register for free and take action.  First things first – you gotta be in it to win it.  (it’s free, of course!)
  2. Click some ads everyday – remember to take note of how other “players” are promoting themselves successfully
  3. Talk about your experience – blog, social, etc – social sharing can be a huge boost for referrals
  4. Spend a few minutes taking some surveys – a couple bucks a day adds up to paying a bill each month
  5. Stick with it – you won’t get rich, but you can earn serious money (I’ve earned thousands since 2007)

Oh – one final thought, particularly for those that worry about needing thousands of referrals to make extra dough online.  Although I’ve been a member at Clixsense since right around opening day in 2007, I’ve never really made “hard promotional pushes” to build my direct downline.  As you can see from this screenshot of my account, the 8-level affiliate program that’s available extends your earning potential, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Note that I have less than a few dozen active referrals directly – yet I receive commissions from a downline over 1300 members deep.  All from a legit “penny click” site that’s been doing its thing for about 8 years now.

Cool, eh?

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