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I Could Get Used To This


The next few weeks I have an unusual amount of time away from my offline work endeavors, and yeah, I’m pretty stoked!  Even though I love what I do (both online and off), a break from slinging drinks and catering to the backstage VIPs doesn’t …

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Five Mailers I Use (Almost) Every Day

Postmarks for Mailing

Like any affiliate blogger active in the traffic community, I take advantage of safelists and "viral mailers" frequently while building my list. Thousands of mailers exist online, and choosing which lists to mail can often be a daunting task. In full...

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Welcome to the Family!

Neon Open Sign

I’ve been busy, no doubt!  In addition to my (occasional) offline duties as a bartender here in Seattle, I’ve also been burning some midnight oil on my blogs.  Yep, that’s blogs, plural. has been added to my “family” of websites.  Hold your applause, though …

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