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One pickle at a time!

This past couple of weeks I’ve had some time away from work, and the good fortune to have some awesome family time in the same stretch (5th anniversary, indeed!).  Over the weekend my better half and I rolled through our local weekend market (the hash from Loki Fish Co. is a favorite, but that’s another post).  Not sure if the harvest just rolled in or what, however we grabbed a multitude of fresh organic peppers for just a few bucks, plus a couple of cucumbers and other staples at crazy good prices.  Pickling time!

Ok, admittedly I have never pickled anything before, but I love sandwiches – and almost any sammie is better with pickles!  Turns out the whole process is pretty easy.  Vinegar, salt, sugar, and whatever pickling spices you have laying around.  We rocked some black peppercorns, fennel, caraway and others I don’t recall – it’ll be twice as surprising to taste them, no doubt!  Seems all one has to do is craft the brine, layer in the appropriate veggies, add spice, and voila!

It won’t be long before we get into the goods, I’ll be sure to let you know how they turned out!

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