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One Million Page Views and Counting

Yesterday KurtHilliard.com reached the milestone of one million page views overall – wow!  It’s taken a little while (years, not months) to reach such a count, however I’m really stoked to see this seven-figure number on my stats dashboard when I log in to WordPress each morning.  Rather than publish a long acceptance speech for my self-awarded trophy highlighting this accomplishment for my blog, I thought I’d thank just a few folks first:

I would like to thank:

  • My readers
  • My subscribers
  • My readers and my subscribers

Thanks to everyone that takes time to visit my website.

It’s really cool to know that this blog has been viewed so many times.  In fairness, a huge portion of the traffic comes from my promotional splashpages and other “non-traditional” blog pages here onsite, but hey – when it comes to 1 million page views, I’m not splitting hairs, eh.  By any means or measure, that’s a pretty rocking total when it comes to website traffic.

Here’s to reaching two million in months, not years.


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  1. Congratulation on this achievement 🙂

  2. Is the above Zubee link broken? I have repeatedly clicked and refreshed the fully-loaded page, but nothing happens, no Zubee appears. My internet works fine.

  3. prosperpursuitmedia

    That’s Awesome Kurt! Congrats. I have always really loved the design.

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