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New Zubee Sites and Traffic

I’m using a few new traffic sites this week, including one that just opened today.  Admittedly, I’ve been doing a bit of “hit and run” marketing lately (focusing a little less on strictly building my list of KurtHilliard.com subscribers), so these new additions to my traffic world include a few of the “hot and now” launches of late.   If you’re one of the hundreds of Zubee hunters subscribing to my blog, you’ll find those included too.  Here you go (in no real order) – five new additions to my traffic empire:

  1.  BigFootMailer | This “Dan Moses-style” viral mailer is launching as I write this post – and so far, has shown the same rapid growth on Day One as other recent LFMVM launches.  Of course, as a joint launch from Marty Hopkins and Dan Moses, BFM comes complete with icons, click rewards, great commissions, and….Zubees!
  2. YouGotMailz | This mailer just joined my ranks yesterday, so I can’t yet speak personally for signups to my offers.  However, in terms of affiliate commissions, it looks like YGM is “crushing it” in the market – lots of top promoters are claiming some pretty serious coin promoting this one.  For me, the deal was a no-brainer, and I paid for an upgrade so I could use the mailer everyday.  Owned by Ghislain Poirier.
  3. FastTrackHits | A new traffic exchange for sure, and the first from a very veteran group of owners.  Led by Mark Dosier (Viral TE Co-op, et al), this new TE officially opened on the 21st, and has already seen hundreds of members join.  The proprietary badges – and upcoming CTP and Zubee extras – make this a rather active audience for my promotions.
  4. EmailXProfits | A new (or another) launch by Sean Supplee and Scott Douglas, this is essentially just another viral mailer, albeit with a little bit of extra “insider info” about how to flip  mailer commissions while harvesting subscribers (yes, that’s what smart mailers do!).  Expect this mailer to be around for a long time.  Zubees too!
  5. GoldenGloveHits | You guessed right – another recent TE launch, this time from owner Aaron Bennett.  Although I’m not stoked by the marketing “assertiveness” of the admin mails on this site, the launch and subsequent buzz is proving good for my offers.  Not quite a “knockout” punch, but worth the signup and surfing to get the ads.  Zubees!

There you go folks – five spots that are generating signups (and sales) for me right now.


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