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New Offers Page Added to My Blog

Incentivized offers are pretty much part of the game when you work in the affiliate marketing niche, and I’ve decided that here at KurtHilliard.com I am going to play along.  The new Extra Offers page details a current list of, well, extra rewards for my readers and subscribers, when they take certain actions to signup for and/or purchase particular services.  I’ve tried to detail it out pretty well on the Offers page for you, however here’s a little more insight into the whole quid pro quo arrangement I’m putting forth.

The available offers are designed to reward you for being part of the process of building my downlines and affiliate commissions (how’s that for disclosure, eh?).  These offers are not intended to take unfair advantage of any signup promotion, affiliate bonus, or contest incentive for me at the target website or service.  Simply put, I won’t list offers where doing so provides me an unscrupulous advantage or edge, such as leveraging “free referral” contests or the like.  Sales contests, however, are fair game. 🙂

The available rewards include popular “collector currencies” like ZubeeZone coins and ClickTrackProfit XP.  They might also include bonus advertising credits at certain quality sites, or even exclusive promotional placements here on my blog.  However, the available rewards will never include cash on a quid pro quo (“this for that”) basis.

To be clear:  I won’t be paying you or anyone else in cash to signup anywhere.

All that “small print” aside, I think the new Offers page will be great!  I love the idea of rewarding my most active readers and subscribers for using services I recommend.  Plus, it gives you a great opportunity to connect with me (and vice versa) and help us both leverage our respective markets.

The first Offer is up, more to come soon!

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