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New Diamond Zubee Contest

Update: the contest has ended.  Congrats to the winners!

The 1 year anniversary of Zubee Zone is here, and with it comes John Bell’s announcement of a new $500 cash giveaway for Zubee collectors.  Sweet, eh?  The contest is pretty easy to enter – you get a ticket in the drawing for every Diamond coin you collect.  At the end of the month, 164 prizes will be drawn, each worth a share of $500 cash.  Prizes range from a buck to $50 each, and every “ticket” from a Diamond claim is another chance to win.

  • The good news?  The entire contest is absolutely FREE.
  • Even better news?  You can claim a Diamond coin for a new ticket daily here on my blog.  You’ll find them at the end of my latest post (or occasionally my second-to-most-recent post)
  • Lots of other sites have additional Diamond Coins, including the new BigFootMailer (new this past week from Marty & Dan)

When you find the coin and claim, you’ll get something like this:

Zubee Zone Contest Tickets on KurtHilliard.com


If this is all new to you, join us at ZubeeZone for more details, and then subscribe to my blog for updates.  Easy stuff…


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