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June Zubee Preview for KurtHilliard.com

The impressive ranks of ZubeeZone members reading and subscribing to KurtHilliard.com continues to grow daily, so here’s a big “thank you” to the hundreds of passionate collectors that make my blog a part of the daily routine!  June is fast approaching, and with it will come some creative (and fun) changes to how Zubees are collected and won around the website.  Different placements, different presentations, and even a few Zubee gift giveaways to keep things interesting. 🙂

Here’s a preview of what’s to come in June:

  • A new Zubee page will be published, centralizing details & updates regarding the hunt for coins each day.  This page will also provide an ideal “checking-in point” for those watching for coins & our first giveaways.  I haven’t quite decided on the final URL, so you don’t get to bookmark it – yet.
  • Creative coin placements will come into effect – including “hidden” coin locations, in-content links, and even opportunities to share my blog socially to reveal your coin(s).  The upcoming Zubee page mentioned above will keep you posted.
  • Giveaways?  You bet – as most avid collectors know, I get a bunch of extra Zubees to offer up each month as a result of my ongoing Platinum Zubee Website Package.  Not to mention I’ve been stockpiling them (when on sale), so I’m sure we can have some fun spreading some bonuses to the crowd.

For now, keep on checking the Bonus page each day for your Silver Coin, then browse through my most recent posts to find the Gold Coin and Diamond Coin along the way.  Heck, you might even encounter some useful, generally awesome content I’ve written along the way, eh?

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Happy Zubee collecting today!

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  1. Great stuff Kurt.. Love your blog and great advice.. I have almost gone through all your posts since you introduced zubees.. Always makes it a point to click around and see your updates once in a while.. Good Luck..

    • Thanks Rasika – it’s great to hear the blog is useful for you, and that you’re grabbing the Zubees of course…I think we’re getting on a roll!

  2. I’m already getting the hang of it, the constant changes of Zubee links. Saves me from the feeling of guilt just clicking on Zubees and not making any effort reading anything from a site (a bad habit of mine). It feels good learning a thing or two everyday. Thank you, and that’s an understatement.

    • Hi Shamonne – I appreciate your support, glad the extra bit I do with the ZZ links is being well-received! Let’s break those “bad” habits and keep you reading eh 😉 Thanks for the feedback!

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