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  1. Great stuff Kurt.. Love your blog and great advice.. I have almost gone through all your posts since you introduced zubees.. Always makes it a point to click around and see your updates once in a while.. Good Luck..

    • Thanks Rasika – it’s great to hear the blog is useful for you, and that you’re grabbing the Zubees of course…I think we’re getting on a roll!

  2. I’m already getting the hang of it, the constant changes of Zubee links. Saves me from the feeling of guilt just clicking on Zubees and not making any effort reading anything from a site (a bad habit of mine). It feels good learning a thing or two everyday. Thank you, and that’s an understatement.

    • Hi Shamonne – I appreciate your support, glad the extra bit I do with the ZZ links is being well-received! Let’s break those “bad” habits and keep you reading eh 😉 Thanks for the feedback!

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