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Insty Hosting Customer Service Rocks

Insty Hosting support proved again today to be leaders in customer service, getting me back to my affiliate bloggging business quickly.  Admittedly I’m biased – I’ve been a big fan of Insty.me since I first began with their service several years ago.  Their help today reminded me why I pay extra for a premium WordPress hosting service.  Over time I’ve watched as the team led by Nick Jolin has added a website builder, integrated Amazon SES-driven mailing, and now a unique landing-page builder that is raising the bar even further.  All in all, they’re working pretty quick towards being the one-stop solution for managing an affiliate-centric Worpdress website.  Of course, in this business, customer service makes all the difference, and I’m really pumped up today because these guys & gals over-deliver.

But I digress…

What happened to my blog?

The support team at Insty made my day today, that’s what happened – after I broke some blog things it seemed.  As usual, I woke up, settled in, rocked a cuppa, then went about some stat-checkin’ and page editin’ on my blog.  Nothing too major – no crazy theme edits, plugin installs, or even tweaks to the CSS.  Just me and the content, cruising along, right?  Opened another tab, activated some traffic via EasyHits4U to my new surfing splashpage to keep things interesting, and then…


Full-stop in the dashboard of my WordPress install.

Any attempt to save or update in my dashboard was redirecting to the front homepage of my blog.

Front-end still looked great though 😉

How did it happen?

The immediate fear jumped into my head – did I break things with 1000 EasyHits4U visitors in just a few minutes, or had something else happened?  I’ve been playing with using my blog as it’s own promotional platform (in terms of incentivized traffic, as it were) and figured I broke something.  Turned off the traffic (love rotators), disabled some plugins, even went in and cleaned up the database and other tidy trimmings that I know to do.  Still no love.  Googled some things, learned a lot more about .htaccess files, did some edits, still no joy.


The error was out of my league.

Then I emailed Insty hosting support.

(yeah, occasionally I do smart things like that)

Why is Insty Hosting Support AWESOME?

Long story short?  Team member Josh jumped right in and helped me sort it out.  If I haven’t mentioned before, there are times I like figuring things out – and times I love for the folks providing a service for which I pay to say “let me go right in there to your site and fix it for you” or something like that.  Josh’s response from Insty?  Total ace.  Fixed it for me.  Turns out I hadn’t killed my blog dashboard (or the interwebs at large), and the entire issue could be sorted out with a little comparison between my setup and the relevant server-side settings to make my blog awesomeness deliver peak performance.  Josh had me back in business within a few minutes, straight up and to the point (friendly, too).

If you’re jumping into blogging – or looking for a new hosting home – I certainly recommend using Insty.me for your blog.  I’ll tell you upfront that it’s not as cheap as some other WordPress hosting providers, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for and then some – Insty hosting support truly rocks.  I’m stoked to be a customer.  Drop me a comment if you’re curious about new hosting for your blog, or just head over to Insty.me and take advantage of the 14-day Trial for $1 offer going on right now.

Wordpress Hosting and Top-Notch Insty Hosting Support

Claim your 14-day Trial for $1 right here.

No games here, folks – just great hosting for your affiliate-focused WordPress blog.


PS:  Curious about how long I’ve been with Insty?  So was I.  Turns out my affiliate number is 52 🙂

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  1. I wrote you an email about this website but have not heard back yet. 🙂

    • Hi Mona, my apologies – must’ve been missed on my end. I’ve adjusted some things, so messages via my blog shouldn’t be missed in the future. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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