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I’m in First Place at List Grab!

Ok, ok – so the title of this post may be relegated to almost-true status within mere hours, but for right now, you betcha I’m in first!  Eric Goettman launched ListGrab on Monday, a uniquely developed mailer packed with different means of “leveling up” and claiming activity rewards.  You’ll find bonuses for reading emails and referring others of course – but also for sending your promotional emails to other members.

That’s the awesome category in which I am #1 at the moment. 🙂

Perhaps the rest of the experienced members are particularly busy promoting their affiliate links, or perhaps I’m just more of a stickler for mailing schedules (um, not, in truth).  Right now I’m in first place, having sent more mails than anyone else so far.  Cool, eh?  The prize for such glory is modest at ListGrab itself (extra credits, ads, etc), however for me it illustrates the utilization of the tool – using the mailer to mail.  Since my blog splashpages are also designed to capture subscribers and build my personal brand, I’m all about maximum audience.


This post is really just to “brag” for a moment that I rocked first place among a crowd of very notable members, including some of the largest list owners in traffic exchange and mailer land (TimTech, Darren Olander, Steve Ayling, et al.).  Those guys are really good at what they do – so I’ll take my moment in the sun where I find it!

ListGrab is brand new, growing fast, and truly designed to be uniquely rewarding for members.  If you’re in the business of using mailers to promote your list, blog, or website – make joining ListGrab a priority today.  My first few mailings have already introduced several action-takers to my funnel, and I’ve found myself pretty stoked to have the extra rewards along the way while using the site overall.

Eric’s offering a special signup bonus when you join.  Head over via my link and signup, then enter promo code GrabCredits to claim your bonus.  Be sure to browse around the “Bonus Grab” section for more info on the extras, but more importantly – use the mailer to mail and score some subscribers to your primary list.

See you there!


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