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I Could Get Used To This

The next few weeks I have an unusual amount of time away from my offline work endeavors, and yeah, I’m pretty stoked!  Even though I love what I do (both online and off), a break from slinging drinks and catering to the backstage VIPs doesn’t hurt.  Of course even on my busiest week it’s still a pretty hip balance of work and play, so in a way I suppose things are all relative.

Speaking of relative…

I’m also pretty stoked to be travelling a bit for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays!  My wonderful wife and I are are heading over the mountains to hang with her side of our family, and rumor has it Kristen (that’s my wife, newbie) and I are going to cater the holiday meal.  Or rather my wife will lead the way and I’ll scope out the easy prep jobs. 🙂

I’m looking forward to both some pre-holiday break time from work, and some holiday time away.  I might even post some pics of our delicious dinner if I remember…



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