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How to Make the Legacy Result Launch Work for You

The big Legacy Result launch has brought my attention back to traffic exchanges this week, and it’s been kinda cool, actually.  As of late I’ve been spending more of my affiliate traffic time in the land of viral mailers, however while surfing these past two days, I’ve seen some really neat stuff – and some rather sporting offer pages too!  Here, there, and everywhere both owners and independent affiliates are stepping up their game in terms of design and presentation, no doubt.

Bravo, I say!

Speaking of stepping up their game, Legacy Result (that’s my affiliate link, to be clear) is the most seamless advertising interface that I’ve used so far from the Legacy Team network (Legacy Hits, Cash Surfing Network, etc).  This post isn’t really a Legacy Result review proper, but here’s some kudos to the programming and design team that put it together.  More quick-syncing between the multiple Legacy Team sites, what appears to be quality PTP tracking so far, and the beginnings of advanced traffic filters all struck me as “ah, cool” moments when first joining in.  The website’s not perfect – I’d love more demo of the service outside for potential signups – however it’s definitely a huge step in the continued collective efforts of traffic exchange owners to carve out a larger niche of the world market.

End quasi-review.  Back to basics…

I know a lot of my readers have already signed up and want to take full advantage of this unique new advertising source, so here’s a few tips on putting the latest shiny new object to work for your growing affiliate business.  If you’re a surfer, clicker, promoter, or traffic exchange user by any other name, don’t leave traffic on the table.  Use all of the following features of Legacy Result to further your affiliate growth:

  1. Traffic Exchange (surfing) | This one is obvious to many, and likely very unfamiliar to TE newbies.  Either way, check out the “floating” Modern Surfbar and list your ad under your Ad Sites for rotation.  The timer is quick, non-obtrusive, and the full-frame view of your ads for other surfers puts this TE traffic a cut above.
  2. Paid-to-Promote | Nope, not the old-school junk-laden pages you dread.  Rather, the PTP feature is targeted to industry-leading exchanges like EasyHits4U and TrafficG with thousands upon thousands of members.  This makes your efforts to deliver unique views of the promotional link much easier – and the multi-level benefits of the targeted exchanges will help your downlines elsewhere, too. 🙂
  3. Banner Co-op | Maybe the biggest potential for massive leverage comes with this added feature.  If you’re a surfer, then I know you have banner impressions laying around everywhere.  Use them to show the co-op banners provided by Legacy Result, and multiply your impressionable advertising reach by a factor of 10, 100, 1000 or more.
  4. Login & Startpage Ads | Since LR uses ClickTrackProfit promos and all of the associated fun & games, you can be certain it will be active. The combined promotional efforts of Jon Olson, Eric Goettman, the Legacy Team themselves and thousands of affiliates mean fresh viewers for your ads daily.  They’re quick to setup, affordable, and catch your audience at very effective times in their surfing experience.  Go for it!
  5. Commissions | First, understand a lot of folks are promoting this new website to some pretty large lists right now – so don’t burn your modest ad budget promoting it a la carte.  Blog, share, chat, and otherwise promote your experiences with Legacy Result naturally (yes, it helps!).  Plus, the recent addition of targeted splashpages for EasyHits4U and others make garnering referrals somewhat easier for the “little guys/gals” out there.  Look long-term, and consider the Inner Circle Upgrade to grab random referrals throughout the next year.

Even a freshly minted, uber-active traffic launch like Legacy Result can’t guarantee results, and neither can I.  However if you take the time to use the extensive options available, you’ll certainly see your marketing reach – and perhaps your pocketbook – grow along the way.  Remember that Legacy Result is also a hub for all of the traffic sites from the Legacy Team, so you can leverage even more advantage out of many of the most popular traffic programs you’re already using.

Check out Legacy Result for yourself, and let me know what you think!

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