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How to Leverage Big Mailer Launches

Kenny & Sammy Kolijn’s launch of List Impact yesterday gives me a great opportunity to drop a post on how to really leverage these kind of affiliate events – especially for folks that might not yet have a fully developed list funnel, or whatever you’d like to call it.  In short, there’s a couple of ways to go about maximizing your gain from a unique mailer launch.  See if you can figure out which one I recommend…

First, let’s talk about why this kind of launch is really, really good for leverage.  If you login to List Impact you’ll see the referral leaderboard, with names like Marty Petrizza and Darren Olander at or near the top.  These folks have been building lists for a long time – which is great for you.  Since they’ve been “harvesting” their list from diverse advertising and their own membership sites, their respective lists represent a “culled” representation of the market, in a good way (especially Darren O.’s list).  Think about it this way:

  • These “heavy hitters” email their active list(s), and action-takers join to List Impact with them.
  • List Impact becomes disproportionately – in a good way – packed with savvy action-takers.
  • You get a disproportionately (yes, good way-style) “rich” membership base to email.

Of course, this basic model holds true for most any launch that attracts the attention of the larger list-holders in the incentivized traffic industry – but in this case, it gets better.  Since List Impact is custom-built, and of a truly professional grade in terms of features, interface, function and more, the quality of the list is enriched further.  That is, you can bet that a more professional, unique listbuilder comes complete with more professional members.

And it’s the usually the pros that spend more money (in my experience).

So how to leverage the launch?

Simply put, you’ll want to consistently put your best offer in front of this fast-growing membership base, and even when you don’t get affiliate sales or referrals, you want to come away with subscribers to your list.  Here’s a few ways to make List Impact work for you:

Get noticed!  The best use of a hot new listbuilder is to, well, build your list.  Turn other people’s subscribers into yours by consistently promoting your branded squeezepage via the mailer to other members.  Better yet, grab an upgrade to mail daily – and utilize the prominent Premium Ads to further expand your brand.  Before you know it, it may be your personal list that drives the massive growth of the next big mailer…just like the “heavy hitters” are doing at List Impact right now.

Grab referrals somewhere else!  Even if you’re not building a list, you can certainly score some referrals for your favorite affiliate program.  Listbuilder users tend to like other listbuilders/mailers, tools that speed up the mailing process, or rewards programs that enhance their gain from clicking around for credits.  Again, upgrading your account at List Impact increases your mailing frequency, increasing your access to the new members joining daily.

Grab referrals at List Impact!  This option is listed last – because the proverbial everybody is doing this right now.  The people crushing it as promoters for List Impact are people with their own list – not the hundreds of affiliates “splashing” for a few sales they probably can make, but not repeat (I’m guilty too, no doubt!).  However, if you’re savvy, you’ll add List Impact to the back-end of your funnel, or to your blog, or to your favorite top-list-style splash.  Consider waiting until the fervor dies down a bit before burning your hard-earned credits competing with everyone else.  New signups and commissions will still be out there – promise.

Focus in, and have fun…launches should always be fun. 🙂



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  1. Is this an actual mailer or just downline builder? Thanks Kurt!

    • Oops, missed this earlier! List Impact is a mailer proper, with an achievement system (a la ListAvail). Let me know if you have any other q’s!

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