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How to Find Zubee Coins on KurtHilliard.com

So I took a really long break from blogging, although savvy readers have likely seen my smiling face on some branded promotions in the interim.  Since my last post, hundreds of folks have joined the crowd subscribing to my blog, so I figured I’d “break the ice” and get back to blogging with a quick reminder about how to find ZubeeZone coins here each day.

All three coins are available, here’s how to find & claim them:

  • Silver Coin: easy as can be – browse to the Bonus page and claim each day (scroll down that page if you’re claiming mobile-style)
  • Gold Coin: usually found on my second-most recent post, although occasionally you’ll have to browse back more than one.
  • Diamond Coin: read my most recent post to find the most valuable coin – and if I haven’t posted in awhile, you can come back and re-claim it each day.

All of the coins are kept active, and should usually be easy to find.  As always, be sure to subscribe to my blog for the latest Zubee updates, plus additional cool content to help empower your level of blogging awesomeness. 🙂


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