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How Much is a Zubee Worth?

Incentives are a fun way to encourage more readers, thus a few days ago I added Zubees to this blog.  If you’re new to the world of online incentivized advertising (surfing, clicking, etc), then the word “zubee” might not mean much to you.  However, for those folks promoting their list, blog, or affiliate website via traffic exchanges and mailers, these bonus “coins” are definitely among the top “collector” prizes raging right now.

Although most websites using Zubees are traffic exchanges or viral mailers, I knew from browsing around the Zubees for Business section that you could put the script on a blog pretty easily (couple clicks easy, no joke).  Of course, fun and games are fun and games, but I want to get a return on my investment, right?  You bet – thus the encouragement you’ve likely run into, calling you to subscribe to my list for updates about the higher-valued coins and giveaways, eh.

So, back to the question first posed…

How much is a Zubee worth?

For me, the value on Zubees is in the end result – more subscribers on my list that want to be on my list.  So far, all I can (or rather will) tell you is that adding Zubees to a blog is a seriously good idea.  I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of steering activity around my website with the different tiers of coins – yet the numbers from just a few days show an easy triple-digit increase to my newsletter subscriber count.

(that’s dozens a day, btw)

Over the next few weeks I’ll talk more about my results, and of course bring you lots more ways to get rewarded.  Somewhere in-between all that goodness we’ll continue talking about blogging, promoting your brand, and making that extra dough along the way.  One step at a time for me – this is just a (profitable) hobby after all. 🙂

If you’re not yet in the game, grab a free ZubeeZone account and join the fun!

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