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How Are Traffic Website Owners Reacting to Paypal Limitations?

The last month or so has seen a monumental shift in Paypal’s attitude towards the traffic exchange and safelist/mailer niche, as they have arbitrarily limited the accounts of dozens and dozens of small-business owners.  From “the little guys and gals” all the way up to industry leaders like Kinder-Rash Marketing, the sudden market withdrawal by Paypal has been incredibly impactual.  Some owners have already gone out of business, while others are stepping up to the plate and working to redefine the industry.

Here’s some insight as to how major traffic exchange owners are responding to the Paypal crisis:

  • Barry Langdon acted quickly and worked with Paypal to continue service on SocialSurf4U and his unique listbuilding mailers.  As of this writing, both Paypal and Payza are being used for purchase and commission processing.  Life goes on, and Barry’s work may be proof that Paypal can be appeased.  Kudos to Barry for getting Payza added to his custom scripts!
  • Marty Petrizza is also facing a “custom scripted crisis”, and has been working to update, modify, and transfer some of her websites (many of which have very unique add-ons).  Unfortunately, at least 7 of her websites have seen negative repercussions as a result of the moves – and a couple are seeing benefits for members reduced as well.  Let’s hope Marty can get this sorted soon!
  • John Bell has taken steps at Traffic Swirl that have some folks (patiently?) waiting for updates.  After adding Payza for purchases, he also has (temporarily) turned off the ability to cashout commissions.  By all indications he’s made so far, a permanent solution may not be available until the new year.  Between now and then, we’ll have to wait and see.  Looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Swirl!
  •  KRM leaders Tony Tezak and Paul Kinder have moved on as of today, and have already made significant updates to policies and procedures for their respective exchanges.  These include the removal of most cash prizes and stripping some serious sales pitch from the homepage (on TTP at least).  They’re working with Payza moving forward, as are so many in TE land.  Love the new steps to control content and quality guys!
  • Jon Olson (the voice of TimTech and much of TE land) has made what I consider to be one of the most honest blog posts I’ve read in the niche – ever.  To the point and times scathing, this post does a great job of putting into perspective the why and how “things have come to this” with Paypal and traffic exchanges.  Traffic exchanges have been real income to numerous affiliates, and Jon seems to be pushing the conversation in a positive direction.  In an ever-evolving market, what will be Timtech’s next step?

And, finally…

There are definitely a handful (or more) traffic exchange owners trying various tricks to work around Paypal, or asking members for direct user-to-user personal payments for bundled upgrades, etc, etc, etc.  Shady is as shady does, so if you’re “favorite” little exchange owners is doing the same, shy away.  Far, far, away!

That’s what I’ve seen going on – what’s on your radar?


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