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How 1 Free Referral Equals 2 Grand

ED May 2016: the Shoemoney affiliate program is no longer linked.  Read more about the change here.

In the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals everywhere this past weekend, another huge event is “quietly” wrapping up – but you still have a chance to get involved!  Jeremy Schoemaker has been running an absolutely huge referral contest for his (free) BlogNinja training course, and if you act quickly, you can easily score a chance to win a share of $15,000 in prizes (and get paid instantly to Paypal along the way).  This whole process will only take a minute or few, here’s how:

First, claim your $1 instantly to Paypal:

  1. Register for free right here and confirm your email
  2. Login and watch the Level 1 video (takes just a minute or two)
  3. Complete Level 1 by sharing one of the links provided on Facebook
  4. Receive $1 instantly to Paypal

Then, claim instant referral bonuses (plus a chance at $15k in cash):

  1. Grab your referral link from your SMN member area
  2. Invite others (the free $1 to Paypal makes this easy)
  3. Receive instant referral bonuses when they claim free money
  4. Every referral gives you an entry in the $15,000 raffle

Simple, eh?

Even if you don’t have a monster list, you’ll make instant money, no strings attached.  Plus it only takes a single referral to qualify for the raffle, and I think just about everybody in this online business community has at least 1 friend that wants a free dollar, right?  If you do have a monster list, this is a no-brainer.

Hurry and signup to claim your first $1 dollar straightaway and get qualified, then promote your SMN link among friends and colleagues.  The entire process take most folks just a couple minutes, – and it really is free for you.  You can continue to earn referral bonuses at any time after the contest, but the raffle for the $15k takes place on December 1st – which means 1 referral could put $2000 in your pocket tomorrow.



Zubee Hunter? Click here!

Zubee Hunter? Click here!

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