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How to Hire Me

Need a little help taking your inner affiliate or blogger to the next level?  Consider spending an hour or two talking with me directly, preferably via Skype or Google.  Although I no longer take on end-to-end projects for clients (exhausting!), I am always happy to discuss strategy, tactics, and techie stuff for a reasonable fee.  I do work frequently online, however most certainly not all of the time.  Most requests can be accommodated within 1-3 business days.  Thanks!

What I can do for you:

  • explain in plain language how to build a WordPress blog you can manage
  • discuss in detail how to earn money recommending services of real value
  • talk with you to help guide your affiliate efforts into a functional funnel
  • recommend high-quality resources, and how to use them right now
  • walk you through install and setup for your new WordPress add-ons

What I can not do for you:

  • conceive your ideal business plan from scratch like magic
  • reveal the “golden goose of online money-makers” or the like
  • take on your project as an end-to-end website development gig
  • make you rich – notice I am not rich (yet) either!

Of course, your specific challenge likely lay somewhere “between the lines” on that first list, so please don’t hesitate to connect even if you don’t see your solution detailed above.  If you’ve made it this far down the page, then you’re likely wondering how much it’ll cost, eh?

I’ll gladly connect via email or brief Skype conversation to see if my skill-set is a good fit for meeting your goals.  Following an initial (free) consultation, your expense for my mind and dedicated time is seventy-five bucks per hour (via Paypal, USD), although I am willing to compromise if you want to make an afternoon of it.  If you are local to the Seattle, WA metro area, payment can also be made in beer, lunch, or combination of both.

Please contact me to begin the process of working together to grow your presence online!