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Get Paid to Take Over Carl Bailey’s Successful Online Business

How’s that for a headline, eh?  You read right – notable programmer and membership-site owner Carl Bailey has just announced his “exit strategy” from the market, in a unique fashion that fits his style, no doubt.  If you’re not familiar, this is the savvy coder behind sites like Instant Splash and TE on Steroids, with the sum of his 8-site network being an attractive proposition for a savvy new owner indeed.  Of course, rather than just put a price tag on it all and walk away, Carl has instead crafted an approach that is, well, pretty darn creative – and lucrative.  Remarkably simple, his decision to leverage his substantial list of affiliates many times over caught my attention right away.  Yep – the entire sale process includes an affiliate program for your benefit, so I’ll cut to the chase and give you my affiliate link here:

Get paid to take over Carl Bailey’s business!

Indeed, instead of a traditional auction, flat sale, or other obvious method of selling off his 8 successful websites, Carl has elected to institute an application process.  You (or your colleagues) can apply to take ownership of Carl’s network – for a price, of course.  $200 bucks a pop, and you could be on your way to owning some serious annual revenue funnels.  Over the years Carl has carved out a sizable niche for himself, with numerous “happy trails of commissions & sales” throughout his network for affiliates. I imagine taking it all on is a daunting task, but would certainly be a really strong start for anyone taking ownership of the full set, eh?

Plus, it gets even better, especially for the commission-hungry crowd out there (I see you reading this!).  Included with the call for applications comes an affiliate program, you bet.  Refer a friend who applies for two hundred bucks, you’ll get fifty bucks.  Refer another friend, you get another fifty bucks.  And so on and so forth.  Simple, right?

Applications are limited to the first 1000 action-takers, so act fast to get your name in the hat.

Anyone can earn 50 bucks a pop promoting Take Over My Online Business as an affiliate.

You’ll get paid to Paypal, every Friday.

Grab your links here.

Good luck!

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  1. interesting indeed.. too bad I am broke as usual

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