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Five Mailers I Use (Almost) Every Day

Like any affiliate blogger active in the traffic community, I take advantage of safelists and “viral mailers” frequently while building my list.  Thousands of mailers exist online, and choosing which lists to mail can often be a daunting task.  In full disclosure, I will say that I am upgraded to a premium account at all of the websites below – and suggest you do the same for maximum results.  I get to mail more often, and as you should know, consistency in front of your audience is key to increasing your conversion rates.

Here’s a quick list of 5 “active” mailers I’m using on the regular right now:

  1. ListBurst => This new mailer from Barry Langdon offers a unique onsite-only inbox, and despite my initial concerns, open rates have hovered right around 5% – 8% over the last week or so.  The mobile-friendly, no-frills design combined with a “soft” $500 launch contest have brought together a surprisingly responsive audience.  Side note: try the Login Ads – definitely worth the spend (just a few bucks).
  2. ListGrab => The first true mailer from Eric Goettman, this rewards-driven website has a cool system of “leveling up” to encourage activity.  Additional bonuses for reading, sending, and promoting have kept activity high – including incredibly high CTR’s of about 10% over the last 10 mailings or so (I mail 2x daily here).
  3. ListAvail => Barry Langdon’s original “customized and mobile-friendly” mailer continues to deliver signups, despite open rates that hover around 3 or 4 percent.
  4. LegacyMailz => Ok, so at first I wasn’t terribly impressed with this mailer, feeling that the Legacy Team could do better for design and member options.  However…click-throughs have remained steady, and results have been pretty good for my campaigns that include an obvious incentive to the viewer.
  5. Mister Safelist => Absolutely producing these past few weeks.  Even though my upgrade only gives me the freedom to mail every few days, I’ve seen no reason to stop using every mailing I can get.  Been kinda lucky on the cash bonuses while reading lately too. 🙂

Where should you mail?

Be sure to promote your offer, blog, or list using multiple sources, including the lists above.  Even if you can’t afford to upgrade and mail as often as I do, join in and mail as often as you can.  Be visible, memorable, and most of all – be consistent!  The more your potential subscribers see you around, the more likely they should be to follow you where you’d like them to go (on your list).

Happy mailing!

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