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First 2017 CTP Badge Hunt Coming Soon

Jon Olson announced today that the first CTP Badge Hunt of 2017 begins January 15th, and you are already one step ahead of the competition by reading this post!  If you’re not familiar, TimTech’s ClickTrackProfit is one of the leading training+gamification communities in the incentivized traffic industry – but I’m guessing most of you already knew that, right?  The badge hunt promotion is an opportunity to score subscribers, followers, buyers, or whatever the “owner” of the badge wants in return for the CTP member to receive the claim code.  Fun, for sure – and a chance to employ some smart marketing with an audience I know to be keen on some of the same niches as I – bringing eyeballs to my blog and making some money along the way.

Here’s some ideas for what I could do with the badge:

  • Reward for joining my list | This one is perhaps the most obvious, but I doubt we’ll go this route – at least not quite so quid pro quo.  I’m all about subscribers, but the whole notion of you subscribing on such a premise doesn’t quite fit for me.  Instead, we’re going to aim to do something that will make you want to subscribe, badges aside.  Hope that make sense, eh.
  • Reward for making a purchase | Well, I don’t sell anything, except occasionally my time and mind.  So that one’s out.
  • Reward for following me socially | Great idea, not so much for me, though.  Again, I’m old-school enough to appreciate “organic” social followings, so we’ll skip the badge-for-follow model this time around.
  • Reward for commenting on my blog |  Um, no – or at least not exactly.  Could you imagine the chaos?  That would need a serious plan.


This might be harder than I thought.

Specifics aside, the badge is in-hand, so to speak, so all that’s left is to decide how best to give it away to you, the world’s best readers and subscribers.  Such a major life decision will take some consideration, and as of this writing I have a week or so to make up my mind (patience, grasshopper).  The hunt is on beginning on January 15th, so grab yourself a ClickTrackProfit account, then circle back ’round this way to claim your badge when the contest starts.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on how you think I should give my fancy badge away.


CTP Badge Hunt Banner

You gotta be a CTP member to play, grab a free account via the banner above.

(Featured image/banner credit:  Timtech/CTP)

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  1. Hi Kurt 🙂
    How about by asking reader to Re-Tweet one of your post or you decide which post?

  2. I think a treasure hunt you give us clues in your posts and we find badges. I also like Wawan’s suggestion, wish I had thought of that one, lol. Let’s hunt Wawan :D.

  3. I like the idea of a treasure hunt. Put clues on different pages and then there is a badge. 😀

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