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Final 2017 Zubee Update: What’s Next?

It’s official folks – this will be the final 2017 Zubee update here at my blog, at least in any sort of “official” sense, eh.  After more than a year watching the crowd of collectors dropping by daily to grab coins, I’ve finally pulled the plug on Zubee Coins here at my blog.  Why?  Well, in general a long-running decline in Zubee activity, driven in part by some inconsistencies in how the program has been administered lately.  I had long been a supporter of owner John Bell, and don’t seek to overly disparage the program or him here – the time has just come to look towards fresh alternatives to offer my readers (and John is MIA more often than not lately, unfortunately).  Of course, I’m totally stoked that so many “collectors” have kept up the passion so long, so a big “thank you” to everyone for being a part of the fun.

Now, let’s move on 🙂

There – that’s done.  Whew.

Zubee coins are gone, what’s next?

Of course, speaking of moving ahead, I’ll be working to bring back the “fun & games” as soon as it makes sense.  Insofar as any future rewards for reading my blog, we’ll most certainly move to a broader-scale, more mainstream program (maybe even a program with gift certs or something, who knows – but that’s down the road).  You’ll find me blogging less and less about specific traffic exchanges, so the desire to push my readers that way is no longer in play.  I still like traffic exchanges, of course – just gotta back ’em outta this blog a wee bit, eh?


Just leaving you high-and-dry with no rewards would be lame.  Plus, if there’s anything I observed in Zubee Zone, it’s the fact that some surfers want cash for their clicks, and some surfers simply love the game of collecting while promoting affiliate offers part-time.

So, here’s two great places to “Get your fix” and keep rockin’ on…

Keep Earning with Infinity Traffic Boost

If you’re clicking for cash each day, then be sure to add Infinity Traffic Boost to your lineup.  I know, whimsical name – but it’s actually a brisk new traffic exchange that pays you free bitcoin daily just for surfing.  Plus, you can earn a bundle of bitcoin with a little extra effort.  No investment required, you start earning BTC surfing just a few pages each day.  See my splashpage summary or join via my affiliate link by clicking the banner below:

Zubee Alternative - Free Daily Bitcoin - Infinity Traffic Boost

Keep Playing with TE Surf Academy

If you simply “love the game” and want to continue competing, the brand new TE Surf Academy may be your thing.  It’s a “collect things for points” kinda place, but has a very quick start so far.  For surfers, the games are free to play – and for owners, you can get started showing the games for free.  Plus, if you’re an avid TE surfer, the downline-builder will be a boost for sure.  It’s free, fun, and fresh – check out TE Academy for yourself today.  That’s my affiliate banner below, thanks for the support!

Zubee Alternative - TE Surf Academy

Let me know in the comments below how you’re handling the Zubee void in your life, and what you’re doing to keep your collecting (and earning) meters up!

As always, thanks for reading and playing along…

Have fun!


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