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Clearing the Political Hangover

Whew – what an 18 months it’s been here in the United States!  Conventions, polls, venomous campaigns – then more polls and plenty of pundits, to be sure.  I don’t know about those of you in the local audience, but I for one am ready for a political break.  My wife might tell you that my worst habit is watching the news (it definitely ranks on the list).  Maybe it’s time to do a little blogging instead…and no, I’m not dragging politics into this blog. 🙂

Rather, did someone say new plugins?

You betcha – and with new plugins might come a few errors or the dreadful “apologies” message from my 404.  Probably not, but just in case – you’ve been warned.

In other news and site updates, I’ll mention that YES you can still collect your Zubee coins each day.  I know the whole Paypal thing has all sorts of affiliate programs making significant changes, however I’m pretty sure the Zubees are here to stay.  Check out this page for details if you’re not already rocking your daily dose of Zubees.

New plugins and such coming up, thanks for your time spent checking out my blog!


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