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Claim Your ListBurst Promo Code

If you’re looking for a List Burst promo code, you’ve just found the right post!  As many in the “viral mailer” world know, today marked the official opening of Barry Langdon’s newest advertising platform.  ListBurst is a professional-grade mailer to be sure, and built on a similar script framework as his original mailer, ListAvail.  For the last few weeks a handful of members have been quietly using the website (and promoting as affiliates), however today is the official Day One in the life of this hip new site.

Back to that promo code…

I’d love to see you take advantage of ListBurst for promoting your blog, website, or list.  Of course, I’m an affiliate, and would equally love to see you in my downline.  Here’s how to grab my exclusive (read: for my referrals only) bonus right now:

  1. Join ListBurst using my referral link and verify your account
  2. Login, and consider an upgrade offer (high-value, totally optional)
  3. From your new LB dashboard, go to the Bonuses page
  4. Enter code KURTDORMDOUGH for 500 free mailing credits

Oh – I almost forgot.  Listburst is truly an onsite-only mailer, so you’ll be able to promote your website while receiving zero additional emails to your own personal inbox.  Plus, Barry’s added his usual run of activity bonuses, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win some extra cash, credits, and other goodies along the way.

The bonus code is exclusive to my downline only – join me at ListBurst and claim yours today!


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