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How to Leverage Big Mailer Launches

Kenny & Sammy Kolijn’s launch of List Impact yesterday gives me a great opportunity to drop a post on how to really leverage these kind of affiliate events – especially for folks that might not yet have a fully developed list funnel, or whatever you’d …

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New Zubee Sites and Traffic

Featured Bigfoot Mailer Graphic

I’m using a few new traffic sites this week, including one that just opened today.  Admittedly, I’ve been doing a bit of “hit and run” marketing lately (focusing a little less on strictly building my list of KurtHilliard.com subscribers), so these new additions to my …

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ListBurst Makes the Ranks of List Hoopla!

ListBurst has just been ranked at mailer industry rankings leader ListHoopla, as Barry Langdon’s newest list-building creations continues to impress!  Less than a dozen weeks old, this “still pretty new” mailer has been on my regular rotation since before Day 1, and I’m stoked to …

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Really Simple System Makes Big Changes

Ryan Hartman's ReallySimpleSystem referral builder has seen major changes over the last couple of weeks, morphing considerably since I wrote about this high-energy website a month ago. I applaud Ryan's efforts to make the whole thing "continue to work for everyone" moving forward. Unfortunately...

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A Great Example of Taking Action

System Image

Today while doing some advertising rounds I saw that dude wearing a mask video – you know the one – the one promoting his “Really Simple System” website.  He’s on the phone, or talking to someone in the others – but the video with the …

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Who Won the ShoeMoney Contest?

Winner Image

ED May 2016: the Shoemoney affiliate program is no longer linked.  Read more about the change here. The big ShoeMoney.net BlogNinja referral contest wrapped up at the end of November, and I’m sure thousands of folks are eagerly awaiting the results!  If my own referral …

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