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Blank Pages & Other Techie Things

Pug Life

Today while working on WordPress and Sahifa updates I kinda broke my blog for a little while, so if you saw some dead white pages, worry no more – all fixed now!  For those keeping score, WP just updated to 4.5 and (as expected) the …

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3 Reasons I Use Insty.me Hosting for My Affiliate Blog

Curious who I use to host my blog (and why)? Surely you’ve seen discussion about “the perfect host” for WordPress blogs raging online – even though the “perfect” host for one blogger may not necessarily be ideal for another (think passive vs. active).  Since I use …

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TimTech Talks Blogging (Here We Go)

Focus Image

TimTech is “all about” blogging this past week, and for me, that is definitely an early holiday gift!  Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Justin Ledvina and the support team at TimTech are all on the record in the last few days with posts, Blabs, and email campaigns …

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A Different Application for Team Showcase

Screenshot of Team Showcase Profile Demo

I’ve been playing around this week with some of the cool plugins you don’t really see (yet) on this blog, including one that I’ve been determined to implement for, well, months now.  It’s a neat “people portfolio” kinda piece for displaying team members, however I’ve …

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Welcome MonetizedBlog.com to the Family!

Neon Open Sign

I’ve been busy, no doubt!  In addition to my (occasional) offline duties as a bartender here in Seattle, I’ve also been burning some midnight oil on my blogs.  Yep, that’s blogs, plural.  MonetizedBlog.com has been added to my “family” of websites.  Hold your applause, though …

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Because Size Matters


This past week I've been rotating a new splashpage format among various traffic exchanges and mailers, and after a few days "at speed", I've learned a few things. What works, what doesn't, and more importantly...

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