3 Reasons I Use Insty.me Hosting for My Affiliate Blog

Curious who I use to host my blog (and why)?

Surely you’ve seen discussion about “the perfect host” for WordPress blogs raging online – even though the “perfect” host for one blogger may not necessarily be ideal for another (think passive vs. active).  Since I use this blog as a hub of some pretty active promotions – including splashpages, banner hosting, and more – I use Insty.me to host my blog.

Insty who? (yeah, I heard you!)

Insty.me started back in 2013 with the efforts of founder Nick Jolin, providing blog hosting that truly catered to fast setup and startup for marketing-niche blogs – and enough server juice to power them appropriately.  Translated: if you’re into blogging, driving traffic to your blog, and not worrying if your “other shared host” will cut you off, then this is the host to use (total opinion – but I’m just sayin’).

If you’re into building a very professional, cutting-edge WP blog/website with enterprise-level email management…then yeah, you’ll probably like Insty.me even more than I do.  Fact is, I barely scratch the surface of what Insty.me offers, even with what I (selfishly) consider a pretty cool blog that gets some pretty good traffic.  From integrated “pre-builds” to integrated pro forms, to Amazon-driven auto-responder management, Insty is definitely focused on the IM niche.

However…to be fair, I pretty much use it just for the hosting and support.  And love it.

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Here’s 3 reasons why I love Insty.me as my blog host:

#1 is Confidence – My website is always “up” and available for visitors and new subscribers.  My blog loads quickly, stays secure, and does all the other things server-side that I don’t have to worry about.  Not to mention, constant innovation and upgrades continue to demonstrate to me that these guys & gals are in it for the long haul.

#2 is Care – They have incredibly personal customer support.  From importing your existing sites to adjusting your setup, they handle your issue like pros, while seeing it through personally (even when they help me fix my mistakes!).  On top of that, there’s a depth of training videos and documentation to walk you through most of the common issues that arise for bloggers.  It’s pretty obvious they want what you want – a beautiful blog that doesn’t stress you out.

#3 is Creativity – Since the launch of Insty.me in 2013, I have seen a continuing stream of improvements and upgrades to the service.  I’ve been a customer since early on, and have watched as everything from the user interface to the now-extensive professional options have expanded.  Tip: if you haven’t visited Insty yet to see their unique “all-in-one” potential for your affiliate blogging, it’s worth a couple minutes of your time.  They’re different – in a good way.  Some pretty bad-ass options are available if you’re a bad-ass blogger (or want to be).

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When I first drafted this post, I titled it as three reasons, but there’s a pretty good fourth reason I like Insty.me so much – commissions.  Although they’re not the cheapest penny-host online, they do pay some rather generous affiliate cuts to their customers – including me.  You do know that’s my affiliate link up there, right?

Check out Insty.me for $1 for the first 14 days and decide for yourself.