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Cash Collecting Tip for Zubee Hunters

Note: this promotion has ended, follow the links to be ready for the next one!

The recent Paypal crisis in the traffic exchange industry has made a big impact on the ZubeeZone community, leaving most Zubee hunters waiting to convert their once-valuable coins to cash.  Zubee founder John Bell has put a hold on cash conversions (likely until the new year), thus many collectors are wondering how to continue earning cash for logging in, surfing, and clicking for their credits each day.  Fortunately, the folks over at Kinder-Rash Marketing have a fix for you this weekend…

The annual KRM Turkey Hunt!

This surf-to-win promotion is more popular than ever, and if you’re not familiar, it’s pretty simple to play and win.  Surf the four KRM exchanges, and every 15 pages you have a chance to find a “turkey” prize page that has to give you a cash prize.  No collecting and converting – just real cash added instantly to your affiliate account.  I know it’s not quite as awesome as Zubee collecting, but it is a fun, easy way to score cash prizes while stacking up some pretty serious advertising at industry-leading traffic exchanges (Traffic-Splash, TTP, Dragon Surf, FET).

And it gets even better…

You can multiply your prizes!

True it is – instead of surfing solo all day, you can refer your friends as well (and I know Zubee collectors have LOTS of connections in this biz!).  Every time your referred friends find a turkey and win cash, you guessed it – you win the same matching prize, straight to your commission account.  Or surf all you can and refer your friends to multiply your winnings.  Cool, eh?

Here’s how to start winning right now:

  1. Visit this splashpage to grab your links to join each of the four exchanges
  2. Login at each, add your site to be promoted, then surf for ad credits
  3. Watch for prize pages every 15 surfs (at all 4 sites)
  4. If you find a turkey prize page, click to claim your cash
  5. Then visit TE Command Post to get your own 4-site splashpage
  6. Refer your friends and win cash every time they win cash

Easy, right?


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  1. Hey Kurt,
    thanks for the mention, I hope everyone finds it helpful.

    For me, TE’s aren’t primarily about the cash of course, but I can also say we don’t expect to have any breaks in paying out commissions. We have had to pause masspay as we don’t have the programming required to do this in Payza but Tony and I are each paying manually on request via payza, usually within hours, sometimes within minutes.

    Losing 90% of our turnover two weeks ago and forcing a team of 10 of us to work for free temporarily cannot by any stretch of the imagination, be called “business as usual” but life goes on, our business goes on, and there will be no halt in service either now or for years to come.

    I’ve got some VERY big news next week that will demonstrate our commitment to the industry and it’s growth. Yes really, GROWTH! 🙂

    • Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by – great to see KRM “carrying on” despite Paypal’s withdrawal from the niche. Looking forward to your big news next week!

  2. I have not found any awards in any of the 4 sites.
    Is this true or only a caller?
    Best regards

    • Hi Edgardo – you’ll find prize pages every 15 pages at each site while surfing for advertising credits. Each time the prize pages appear, they could be ad prizes or “turkey pages” which give you a cash bonus. Keep hunting, they’re in there…Cheers!

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