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Brand New to Making Money Online?

Are you trying to figure out exactly how to make money online?

Every day millions of people pursue the very same goal, and unfortunately, the majority will fail.  The fact is, very few grasp the concept of crafting a funnel, driving traffic, delivering value, and constantly leveraging statistics into increased conversions.  Not to mention building a website, etc, etc…whew!

No worries – today’s post is for the absolute newbie to making money on the interwebs.

I know, I know – you can see the affiliate link coming – so here you go, you might as well create your free account. 🙂

Fact is, if I were starting over today, one of the first places I’d start clicking is at Clixsense.  One of the original “penny per click” players, this website entered the PTC market in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since.  There’s a few reasons I point newbies to CS, however the main reason can be summed in one word – education.

Here’s a few reasons to start your online journey at Clixsense:

  1. It’s easy to understand.  Simply put, you get paid to click ads, take surveys, and play games.  It’s kinda like cobbling together all the “get paid to” options out there into one professionally developed program.  If you’re going to pursue GPT rewards, Clixsense is a great place to start.  It’s also free to join.
  2. You get to see a wide spread of advertised offers.  Yep, part of building your online empire involves learning the lay of the land, so viewing a few ads from other folks pursuing similar goals is a smart start.  Hesitate to run around signing up to offers and such though – remember, you’re here for the education.
  3. Popular ad formats are all in play.  Poke around while you’re clicking for cash and you’ll discover numerous ways to utilize Clixsense for your advertising when you’re ready.  Those banners?  Mostly 468×60 pixels in size (one of the standards in affiliate marketing).  Those zingy one-liners in your member area?  We call those text ads.  Think about how you can use those formats to promote your business in the future!
  4. You’ll probably earn some payments to Paypal.  Clixsense has a really low cashout minimum (about $6 I think), so if you do any amount of clicking (or playing games or taking surveys), you’ll get a nice fuzzy reward to your Paypal.  Per their website (and a forum full of testimonials), they’ve been paying millions of members since 2007.
  5. Did I mention it’s free?

Simple is as simple does, and if you’re just starting out in this wild world of affiliate marketing, make Clixsense an early stop.  You won’t get rich, but you will have every opportunity to soak up a ton of “marketing training” simply by being active.  Click the ads, then evaluate not just the advertised offers, but how the offers are presented.  Notice a banner or two, not for the message, but for how the message was displayed (and why it got your attention).

The next step is understanding why people are promoting those offers…that whole affiliate thing.  But that’s for another day…

Signup at Clixsense and earn your first few bucks online today!

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