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Blank Pages & Other Techie Things

Today while working on WordPress and Sahifa updates I kinda broke my blog for a little while, so if you saw some dead white pages, worry no more – all fixed now!  For those keeping score, WP just updated to 4.5 and (as expected) the major themes – including mine – released their own updates to keep pace.  However, on the way to update greatness, I killed my splashpages.


I’ll spare you the gory details, but in short I had to grab a quick refresher on custom page templates (that’s how I make splashpages and such on my blog).  I thought I had saved the correct modified files before installing updates and in turn over-writing my earlier edits.  Not so much…

Oops again.

Fortunately, it turns out I’m just smart enough to outsmart myself.  I had previously stashed some extras in a child theme folder I use for periodic testing, so it was easy enough to fix.  By my count though, at least four or five hundred folks hit some pretty dead white pages while viewing KurtHilliard.com promotional pages.  All tidied up (whew!).

For the Zubee hunters, the silver coin on the Bonus page was absent for a little while, but is now chilling on that page again waiting for your next claim (hooray!).

In other techie news…

I also finished sleuthing the source of a disagreement between my splashpage templates and the TE Toolbox Site Checker used on a number of popular traffic exchanges.  All of a sudden my rotation numbers via Trck.me make sense again.  Always a good thing.  * If you’re a savvy WP’er, note that some site checkers pick up on how JS is packed into some themes…call it fear of a zero-frame if you like.  Easily fixable in most case (that’s another post tho’).


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