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What’s the point, anyways?

Once again summer is here, bringing another “season of change” to my blogging mindset – and admittedly, that might (for once) be a good thing!  For far too long I have “forced” this blog to be an affiliate tool, and these days I find myself longing for the freedom to, well, just blog a bit when I like.  Of course, ... Read More »

Finally! Construction time…

Well, to say it’s been awhile since I last posted would be an understatement!  I am stoked to once again be in the workshop with this blog, adding new content and revising the focus to match my current passions, both online and off.  Among numerouse changes, you’ll find a broader spectrum of posts, beyond the long-running affiliate focus of prior ... Read More »

Did I Miss Your Ferrari?

Money Man

It’s been quite a few years now since I first started making “extra money online” via affiliate marketing, and over the years I’ve certainly found more than a few pennies as reward for my efforts.  There have been plenty of ups and downs, sure, but like any business, it’s been both a challenge and an ongoing reward up until now. ... Read More »

John Novak Announces DrClix and ListBuildSurf Now Closed

86 This Image

Last week there was a flurry of activity surrounding the apparent hacking of John Novak’s websites DrClix and ListBuildSurf, and on April 28th it became official.  All of John Novak’s websites are now closed.  In an email to members, he explained his perspective, including the challenges of recovering from literally hundreds of Paypal disputes filed by site members. So, I’m ... Read More »

What’s up with that Splitscreen?


You may notice some new additions in the top menu here at today, however not all of the new pages (and awesome content therein) are live yet.  In the meantime when trying to access the unfinished new pages you’ll find a pretty cool splitscreen plugin I pulled “off the shelf” from my inventory.  Instead of letting you bumble around, ... Read More »

New Camera & Kurt on YouTube?

Yep, you read that right! Finally the technology gods have shined upon me, and this past weekend I picked up a new digital camera to summarily replce my old point-and-shoot and more than a few outdated webcams. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Of course, the weather has yet to cooperate (at least until today), so with any luck we'll have... Read More »

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