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What’s the point, anyways?

Once again summer is here, bringing another “season of change” to my blogging mindset – and admittedly, that might (for once) be a good thing!  For far too long I have “forced” this blog to be an affiliate tool, and these days I find myself longing for the freedom to, well, just blog a bit when I like.  Of course, ...

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2936 Miles To Go


To call the summer “interesting” so far might be an understatement, and as August rapidly approaches, I find myself just under 3,000 miles from where I want to be.  Yep, in just a couple of weeks (or hopefully less) life will take me to the West Coast, and well, yeah I’m pretty stoked! For now the destination is Olympia, WA, ...

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My New Facebook Page


I just added a new Facebook page for this here blog of mine, and with any luck it will help me to activate a few nifty tricks for subscribers. 😉 Be among the first to become a fan of the new Kurt Hilliard page, then watch for a lot more “social” from KurtHilliard.com soon!

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