Friday, July 31, 2015
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What’s the point, anyways?

Once again summer is here, bringing another “season of change” to my blogging mindset – and admittedly, that might (for once) be a good thing!  For far too long I have “forced” this blog to be an affiliate tool, and these days I find myself longing for the freedom to, well, just blog a bit when I like.  Of course, ... Read More »

What’s up with that Splitscreen?


You may notice some new additions in the top menu here at today, however not all of the new pages (and awesome content therein) are live yet.  In the meantime when trying to access the unfinished new pages you’ll find a pretty cool splitscreen plugin I pulled “off the shelf” from my inventory.  Instead of letting you bumble around, ... Read More »

Quick Trick Opens All Links In New Tabs

I received a great question over the weekend about opening links in new tabs for splashpages and other incentivized traffic promotions.  Of course, even if you’re not doing any affiliate marketing, you may still have use for this trick, particularly if you use custom page templates for your media players or other “interactive” pages on your blog.  There are endless ... Read More »

Smart Taxonomy for Affiliate Blogs

FAQ Note

Affiliate bloggers know that coordinating content is crucial when it comes to saving time and earning income online.  From managing articles to referral links and more, creating a profitable virtual presence that draws readers in without overwhelming you as a blogger can be tough.  As an author, your goal is to keep readers on your website through at least a ... Read More »

Top of Mind & Right at Hand

Media Messages

Today Jon Olson published an interesting piece on Top of Mind (Awareness) Marketing over at the Hit Exchange News blog, and I thought I might take his post a step further.  Although the TOMA concept has been around for some time (at least in terms of products), it is definitely under-utilized in the traffic exchange market.  When paired properly with ... Read More »

Five Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Business Plan Banner

Today I have been browsing the various affiliate blogs mentioned on the NMF boards, and have decided to throw out a quick post on some blogging basics.  As most folks in the IM niche are aware, blogging is a tremendously powerful way to build personal branding, list subscribers, and sales – especially residual commissions!  If you are just setting out ... Read More »