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Try that Traffic Button

Traffic at night image

As mentioned in early November, the next stage of my Traffic listings are in place. You'll now find an extended menu accompanying the original listings on that page, and in fact an entirely new section of this website coming together. I'll spare you the...

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Zubees Indeed

Zubee Zone Banner

If you are familiar at all with traffic exchanges and viral mailers, then the word “Zubee” likely means something to you already.  Coined (pun intended) by John Bell, this very popular rewards network has caught on big-time over the course of 2015, and with a new …

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A Different Application for Team Showcase

Screenshot of Team Showcase Profile Demo

I’ve been playing around this week with some of the cool plugins you don’t really see (yet) on this blog, including one that I’ve been determined to implement for, well, months now.  It’s a neat “people portfolio” kinda piece for displaying team members, however I’ve …

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Free Bonus Credits from Darren Olander

DownlineMaxx Banner

Need a handful of awesome (and free) promo codes at top-ranked mailers? Perfect! Each month Darren Olander offers up a matching bonus code for all 6 of his professional-grade mailers, at absolutely zero cost. Cool, eh? Plus you can take advantage of...

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I Could Get Used To This


The next few weeks I have an unusual amount of time away from my offline work endeavors, and yeah, I’m pretty stoked!  Even though I love what I do (both online and off), a break from slinging drinks and catering to the backstage VIPs doesn’t …

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Five Mailers I Use (Almost) Every Day

Postmarks for Mailing

Like any affiliate blogger active in the traffic community, I take advantage of safelists and "viral mailers" frequently while building my list. Thousands of mailers exist online, and choosing which lists to mail can often be a daunting task. In full...

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