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Are Traffic Exchange and Mailer Owners Missing the Point?

Zubees, Zubees, Zubees – if you’re a TE surfer or viral mailer clicker, you are likely familiar with this ever-more-popular rewards system invented by John Bell of Traffic Swirl fame.  The concept is simple: collect Zubee “coins” offered by participating websites, or win Zubees playing games like Emerald Hunter while you surf.  Then, redeem your Zubees for Zubee buffs (potions, percentage bonuses, etc) or trade them in for advertising or cash on the ZubeeZone marketplace.  Simple and easy to do, right?

This whole Paypal thing kinda threw that routine out the window.

Or at least the “redeeming for cash” part of it.

Over at ZubeeZone recently, founder John Bell has elected to remove the cash redemption option, which – coupled with the Paypal withdrawal from the traffic market – has suddenly brought to the foreground a couple of things I already knew to be true.  One, there’s a whole lot of folks that only collect Zubees for the (former) cash redemption option (not surprising).  Two, there have been a whole lot of traffic website owners offering Zubees without really having a plan for effectively leveraging all that collecting going on.  A few have even taken time and effort to “spout off” about Zubee collectors along the way.  For some reason or other, I’ve seen more than a handful of owners withdraw from offering Zubees citing price, quality of activity generated, amount of support for participating members – you name it.  I don’t think the details need aired here,  but if you’re a Zubee-collecting surfer out there, I am certain you’ve seen some less-than-professional owners assigning at least partial blame for their various business woes on the “collectors who don’t buy anything” while collecting.  Likewise, there’s a growing group of Zubee collectors working way too hard to worry about redeeming their coins for a few cents cash right away.

You know the ones – the same owners that think a cloned script, a couple of mods, and a slick OTO page are all it takes to do the trick.

You know those other ones too – the surfers now in a fit because they can’t redeem their Zubees for cash right now.

I have an idea for both groups…

Get back to basics.

If you own a traffic website, you should have already schooled yourself on building trust and authority with your subscribers, then leveraging that into real profits (not the razor-thin margin from upgrade sales, but REAL money made promoting higher-end, higher-margin products with real residuals.  My Insty.me webshosting is a great example of a REAL product and service that REAL people need – plus a killer affiliate program).  If you’re fussing about Zubee collectors logging in and not buying, take a look at what you’re offering.  Is it relevant?  Value-packed?  Truly exclusive?  Unique?  Are you even trying to funnel your new list (membership) into higher end sales funnels, or are you just spinning around as a TE or Mailer owner thinking repeat sales of credits to the same micro-niche will set you financially free?

Business takes work.  Leveraging the loss-leading aspect of Zubee collection while funding your Zubee subscription also takes work.

If you’re a Zubee collector doing it strictly for the cash redemption, well – keep on doing what you’re doing – but chill out if it’s stressing you out.  One, the onus is on owners to leverage their Zubee subscriptions into sales, not the other way around – so by collecting all the coins you have, you’re doing you’re part, in a way.  Nobody is forcing you to play, eh.  Two, I’m pretty sure ol’ John Bell will sort something out that will let you redeem your Zubees again in the near future.  As the saying goes, have a little faith, eh?

I’ve been giving away Zubees here at KurtHilliard.com for about a year now, and see no reason to stop.

Mr. Bell – best of luck on the details, you’re still an industry leader in my book, whatever the future may bring.

I think all of you Zubee collectors out there are rad – keep collecting!



Zubee newbie?  Check out this page to start your collection today!

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  1. Amen, very well said sir.

  2. The most sense I have read about this!

  3. This Paypal issue is definitely reshaping many VM/TEs models and still unfolding. I am not a Zubee addict, I joined ZZ recently and collect zubees occasionally on some of the sites where I’ve always promoted at. All I can tell is that John Bell is a honest owner and will get this sorted out. Btw, thanks for the Zubee I just found here, Kurt 🙂

  4. Well said Kurt, but for some of us collecting zubees is more than a hobby it’s to supliment an income that just doesn’t cover all the expenses. Hope things get straightened out soon.

  5. Hi Kurt. Well said. I am the Owner/admin of 5 TE’s ( 3 with zubees). We made it possible for our members to keep advertising with us by having incredible offers for them.
    Thank you for giving us the Zubees. I collect them daily NOT FOR CASH, because I enjoy reading your blog. I have known you for a long time 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and yours

  6. Amin…and thanks for Zubees

  7. your blog is very interesting…god luck in your work.

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