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17 Days and Counting: Las Vegas 2017

Las Vegas Vacation Palm Trees

I'm heading out on vacation soon, doing my own version of grown-up Spring Break - to the bright lights of Las Vegas, no less! Although I've previoulsy driven through the city and taken some photos, I have never officially...

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Top Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing

Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing Trophy

After the Paypal fiasco late last year, the affiliate traffic industry took a big hit - so I've put together a Spring 2017 refresher of top traffic exchanges still worth surfing. Far from being havens of rookie webmasters, the following advertising outlets are each...

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Final 2017 Zubee Update: What’s Next?

Las Vegas Vacation Road Ahead

It’s official folks – this will be the final 2017 Zubee update here at my blog, at least in any sort of “official” sense, eh.  After more than a year watching the crowd of collectors dropping by daily to grab coins, I’ve finally pulled the plug on …

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Safelist Mailer Free Promo Codes Time

Special Offers and Promo Codes

Free promo codes make the world of safelist mailers go 'round, so here's another round of free advertising for your favorite blog or website! No, a single promo code won't fill your pockets with signups and sales, but for savvy affiliates, they can be...

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2017 New Year Zubee Zone Update News


Thousands of eager members have been anticipating a big Zubee Zone update for 2017, so here’s what I know right now about cash redemptions or incentives.  As both a casual Zubee collector and subscribing website package owner, you can count me among the ranks of  anxious parties looking …

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