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Anyone Else Notice Shoemoney.net Ended Commissions?

My instant payments from the Shoemoney.net affiliate program suddenly stopped a couple months ago, so a couple of weeks ago I reached out to them via email for support.  To be fair, it had been awhile since I checked my account, and at the time I sent the support email (3-4 weeks ago), I could still see the hundreds of referrals in my account.  It seemed there were a number of “conversions” that should have resulted in matching 100% payments to my Paypal account, but had not been sent.

Emailed support.

Got a reply in a few days. Didn’t really get it sorted, though.

Admittedly, I laid back on the matter for a bit.

However – today when I logged in at Shoemoney.net (thinking I should finally follow-up on the aforementioned matter), it appears the entire referral mechanism and affiliate program has been 86’ed from the member area.  If I’m not mistaken, the “Help” section and training area have been revised to adapt for the absence of the referral program as well.  No list of referrals, no list of commissions, no mention of my affiliate rate – that cool “100%” message from my dashboard just isn’t rocking anymore.  The whole thing actually seems boring now. 🙂


If you’re one of the thousands of folks that have signed up for the Shoemoney.net blog training – and know more than I do about this whole affiliate-used-to-be-program thing – then pop your comments in below.  I usually pride myself on keeping up with the Internet Marketing world where I “work” online, but I was genuinely surprised today.  I really thought I just looked at that downline a week or so ago!

As of this posting, I haven’t found any official announcements on the apparent changes.

If you know more than me about Shoemoney’s affiliate changes, lay it down below!

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  1. I actually signed up under you and completed the whole thing. At least you got a response LOL. Not sure what happened to the program. Its funny you posted this because I removed it from my pages just yesterday. Maybe he made enough money and on to the next IDK?!? Must be nice.

    • Indeed, funny on the post timing – but not eh! Congrats on completing SMN through though – I still feel like a good bit of the training is well worth the time to review. Not to mention I’m a big fan of having a blog, by any means to get it. Just checked out your blog today, good stuff!

  2. Thats the problem I have when people establish their own programs they often disappoint people but taking stuff away putting in things people aren’t expecting at a cost. That’s why affiliate marketing is sometimes not the way to go. It gets short lived and you end up sitting there in a stupor for awhile and have to find something else to do. That is starting all over again. Its as bad as when all your sites go down and you have to rebuild. You’re better off starting something on your own even its clumsy at first at least if the rug gets pulled out from under you its your fault. These guys make a bunch of cash and don’t care what happens to the rest of the crowd. Thats not playing fair imho.

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