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Another 2016 Payment Received from Clixsense

I just received another Paypal payment from Clixsense, on time and in-full, as always.  This long-running “paid to click” program continues to provide me residual income, ever since I joined right around Day 1 back in 2007 (wow!).  These days I use Clixsense primarily for advertising – and some light clicking – and continue to see the benefits of the 8-level referral tree.  If you’re not yet a Clixsense member, click through the payment screenshot below and check it out.

Thanks again to Clixsense for another timely payment – I love payday:

Clixsense Payment May 2016

For me, the best part of the Clixsense advertising (and income) setup is the no-frills approach.  No weird investments, no shady “cash-back” or “revshare” promises, and certainly none of that referral renting madness.  Just straight-up, demographically-targeted advertising that is uniquely focused on the Internet Marketing niche.

Check out Clixsense for yourself, and check back soon to see what I’ve been up to behind the scenes!

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  1. For me CS has been the best for making sure fire money

  2. I have been on CS for years. Rarely have survey for my country. I love CrowdFlower task there… but there are too crowd lol. A nice task will be done within minutes.

  3. I LOVE Clixsense. I have been a member for over 4 years now, and it’s the best money making site for me. I do some of the offers, I don’t usually find any surveys I qualify for, but that’s OK. The upgrade is so cheap. you can make it up quickly. I usually get the two year upgrade for 30.00. If you want to earn some money on line, Clixsense is definitely one site you should belong to.

  4. I have been a member for almost 7 years. I don’t do the surveys or tasks and I still manage a small profit every year. My biggest problem is I don’t seem to be able to recruit any refs. I have tried promoting in other PTC’s, TE’s, mailers or safelists.

    But I don’t have any trouble getting refs for the TE’s or mailers. Anyone have any suggestions, oh and I even tried paid to sign-up and that got me fifty signups that did absolutely nothing.

    • Hello! Indeed, since CS has been online so long, the “old reliable” direct advertising doesn’t convert like it once did. Stay away from paid signups (imho), and instead find a means by which to tell your CS story to folks outside the traditionally tight niche of TEs, mailers, and PTC. Tell your CS story to a list of subscribers, blog about it, make a FB page about your CS story and share it with your broader network socially, etc. “Sell” CS less to potential signups, and instead “tell” more about why you love it!

  5. Nice to hear about your clixsense payment. If you have made that amount with clixsense, its a great achievement for me. Do you have any post regarding clixsense technique? If so I would love to read that.

    • Thanks for the post idea – I’ll put one together with a few insights as to how I maximize my time using Clixsense. In the meantime, I’ll say the lion’s share of my CS income is from the affiliate program – and that most of my direct referrals in 2016 are coming from blogging. Watch for a more in-depth post on CS soon!

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