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All in the Mindset

So I’ve recently returned to the world of (active) affiliate marketing after a hiatus, and I’m stoked to see some familiar faces doing some pretty cool stuff!  Tons of improvements to traffic exchange technology have made the “cross-promos” easier than ever, thus I think I’ve counted about ten different programs designed to provide multi-site rewards.  Neat, no doubt.  I’ll definitely have to make a list of those soon (admittedly, my current favorite is ZubeeZone from John Bell).  But that’s another post…

On the flip side of awesome, I’m considerably less stoked about the number of familiar faces doing the same ol’ thing.  Call it power surfing, power promoting, surf collecting, or whatever – all I can think is “whew, glad I’m not doing that anymore!” or something along those lines.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to put anyone down, it’s just that a year or so away from the interwebs definitely gave me time to think.  Time to do the math on all that clicking…

I had time to think hard about what my time is worth.

I spent plenty of days in years past surfing way too many sites, chasing too many sales that I could make but not repeat.  Not to mention, my choices for affiliate promotions were sometimes less than stellar.  Ugh……ugh.

As you might suspect, I’m back online to stay – priority number one right now is getting folks like you to subscribe to this blog because you want to, not because some stealthy marketing tactic swept you off your feet.  We’ll call that “the big goal” or something like that, eh?

Look forward to publishing great content – and seeing you subscribe today!

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